Bootleg Studios

Bootleg ran from around 1979 to 1982 so I did a lot of punk stuff.

The none corporate "Beano" style logo and reasonable pricing proved to be a good move because I was working sometimes 18 hours and sleeping under the desk! as it was pointless going home to Didsbury when there was another session in at 10am next day! (Oh to be young!)

I bought all the gear off a mate of mine called Andy Mac who then owned Revolution studios in Cheadle Hulme and had upgraded to 24 track and and Amec M2500.

This was another blessing as it meant that Andy then passed all the 8 track remixes over to me.

The Studio was originally a retail shop on the corner of Hurst St in Reddish Stockport and was disguised as a Toy Shop called "Big Top Toys" which had all the ground floor windows blacked out.  Turned out that Norman Beaker lived right across the road and it was not long after opening he spotted loads of guitars, amps and drums going in and out!

Of course Norman was well pleased about a studio a few yards away and he started do all his recordings with me .

Anyway Paul, love all your site and have been visiting it for many years, I personally already have a few mentions on it as I have played in many bands in the past as well as my own band called "The Ride Band" which was together for 11 years which I formed in 1982 after closing the studio.

Phil Platt

Image Gallery explanations

Radio Sweat" was an album I did with C.P. Lee's band called "The Mystery Guild".

As you will know CP sang with The Alberto's. Interesting that other members of Alberto "Y Los Trios Paranious" all had other bands as well. Jimmy Hibbert had his "Jimmy Hibberts Heavy Duty" and Mogs and John Scott had 2 duos Bet Lynches Legs and 48 Chairs. They also collectively had an 8 piece band called The Charlie Parkers and yet another one called Sons of Charlie Parker.

All these bands were simply The Alberto's with various different members added and I recorded albums and singles with all of them. Bruce Mitchell was Bootlegs biggest client and remained a good friend to this day, sad to hear about C.P. Lee however.

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