Camel Studios (Poynton)

In its day 1971/75, Camel was a very well equipped small studio. 8 Track scully 4/2 track atari quadro mix.

Dave Rhol was the engineer (the man behind The Mandala Band). Vic Emmerson keyboards musical director became Sad Cafe and 10cc, Ashley Mulford session guitar player ex Sad Cafe, Mike Mechanics. In its short time CRS created the start of many peoples important moves into the rock n roll music business.

The studios was owned by a family from Blackpool who played as a top cabaret band throughout the world known as The Romany Rye bought the studios to enhance their stage performance and record as an independent with their own label.

Situated above the Mercury Supermarket on Park Lane the locals of Poynton didn't know what was going on for sometime they just saw lines of fantastic cars parked outside Rolls, Ferraris, Bentleys. It was such a secret place for a long time with hip people coming in and out it was rumoured blue movies were made there. Little did the locals know who went through those doors.

It was closed by 1975. Romany Rye (owners) had secured a major contract working out of America not to return for many years. Vegas, Rio, Hollywood etc. I know because I was the guitar player in Romany Rye and owner of CRS.

Johnny Brannigan - 26/8/12 

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