Sirius Music (Farnworth)

Demo Recording Studio

Sometime in around 1970 we took over an old shop premises in Market Street, Farnworth which we converted into a recording studio/rehearsal room and a luxury flat for Dennis, well it was a step up from his caravan.

The work required to do the conversion was a little more than we bargained for and took months to complete. We grafted every spare hour we had using new and second hand material (mainly second hand) to finish the studio as soon as we could. It was well worth the effort and though it was never any more than a modest little demo studio, it was a great place for us to rehearse and create our music. The other major advantage was that Dennis didn’t have far to go to work!

The studio was open to other bands and we did have quite a few paying sessions but mainly it was for The Answers own use. We wrote and recorded many of our own songs in the studio and although they were of good quality we never had another record released after 1971’s GIVE ME ALL THAT I NEED.

We did however have a batch of five songs which were used by BBC’s Radio 1, recorded in our studio instead of recording them at the BBC Playhouse as we had done previously. The pictures show Tom, Dennis & Brian in the control room and Tom in the drum booth which had false walls filled with sand, it was a brilliant sounding drum booth/vocal booth.

Brian Gibbs - 1/1/16 

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