Smile Recording Studios, Salford

After playing in bands & acts plus doing a solo act from 1963 - 1974. I focussed on song writing - creating a 2-track in the front room of my parents house in Arrow Street, Salford.

Many tracks were recorded there & when I got married I converted the basement of Park Avenue in Sale. People started to offer money to record there. Smile Studio was born.

I operated Smile Studio (4 x Track then 8 x track) in my basement in Sale from 1974 - 1975 when I converted a premises in Upper Chorlton Road, Whalley Range - Smile Recording Studios.

Initially I had 16 track then a year later went 24 Track with Soundcraft equipment. (1976-1983).

Over that period I produced over 200 records for many local bands including Salford Jets, Paul Young, Mick Colman (Brian & Michael), Alarm, Mick Hucknell (Frantic Elevators), Gerry & the Pacemakers, Denis Delight, Dougie James, Martin Hannnet, Fast Cars, Mike Canavan, Sweet Chariot, St Winifred's Choir, local soul & reggae bands, punk bands, plays for Piccadilly radio, soundtracks for BBC & Royal Exchange Theatre and many commercials.

See also Bravados (Salford Grammar School band), Some Folk, Tempo, Living Dream, Intrigue (duo with Dougie James)

Steve Foley - 30/12/11

Palm Springs recorded here as well. Your studio drum kit was truly shit Steve! PS several years later I played with your bruv on the Manchester Irish circuit. 

John Harvey - 28/6/12

Steve...I recorded there with Michael showed me "country licks" on the piano....used them ever since...thanks!

Terry Davies - 14/11/12

I recall recording 2 songs at Smile in 1974, with The Plantations. Your own song ' together We Can Make It' or something similar and 'House Party'. I still have the cassette tape!! The bass sound you got from the Vox Cab facing the corner was superb!

Btw still in touch with Eddie and Eve..-:)

Tony Lingard - 18/11/12

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