Strawberry Studios (Stockport)

"When I disbanded The Mindbenders I had intended to realize a dream of having my own studio. I was so frustrated at not being able to get my hands on the control desk when we were recording at Philips Studios. Plus, working with fresh musicians every day was a spur as well.

I don't think I considered I would ever be in a successful band again but I did want to write more and create more and in doing these things with new musicians. I luckily created a second (or third) chance for myself to be "In the Band" again with Hotlegs and 10cc."

Eric Stewart

I used to work for Formula Sound (about 1976) who were based on the top floor of Strawberry. We designed and built equipment for 10CC, Demis Roussos, Abba and others! Most amazing was the time when the Bay City Rollers were recording and the building was surrounded by (very) young girls ! 

Mike Meakin  - 9/2/13

I lived down the road from Strawberry Studios and I knew (Ugli) Ray Teret who was helping to kit out the studios prior to opening. I went down occasionally to make tea for the guys.

Jo - 18/2/13
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  • Strawberry Studios mid 80s
  • Strawberry Studios Waterloo Rd early 70s


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