Bensons (Middleton)

For me the centre of the clothes buying scene in Middleton was Benson's boys and mens wear.

My brother Llew worked there, later to open his own shop a few doors down. Studd Menswear is still there today.

Go in and have a look at the picture collection on the walls - George Best, Mike Summerbee, Dennis Law, Colin Bell, are just a few of the names from footy history to regulary make the journey to the shop.

Peter Reid, Ron Atkinson and Howard Kendall also paid their respects and became regular clients.

Phil Wood, Pete Cowap, Pete Maclaine, Dave Barrow, Sad Cafe, Graham Nash and of course the Measles, Mickey Dolenz (Mr Samantha Juste) also made there way to the shop.

For a small shop it has a great history and one day maybe someone will take the trouble to write the story of Studd's place in dressing the stars of the 60s and 70s. Not forgeting the stars of today who still call in to say hello.

Glyn Griffiths

I rember Bensons shirt shop - it was on Old Hall Street, painted white. I remember Man City getting kitted out with suits.

Alan Crompton 

I worked at Bensons for some time from late sixty-five.

At the time I started at Bensons the guy who managed the Peter Pell tailors shop in Middleton, was none other than the late Barry Norton who left to open a shop in Chorlton cum Hardy whom which I also ended up working with. " Norton Barrie menswear", which along with "Studd menswear", became synonymous with dressing the North west footballers and bands of the time and continue still to this day .

Bensons had four shops selling boys and menswear I worked between Bury and Middleton. In Bury I worked with Frank Rostron who left and went on to John Michael in St Annes arcade and then on to become a well known shirt maker in Manchester.

Llew Griffiths worked in Middleton and later became manager of the branch and to all intents and purposes was the guy who got me into the mod scene and fashion. The shop buzzed with just about everybody from Langley the Limit and the Middleton Music scene.

I left in 68 to go into window display and trained with Alexandre the Tailors until 71 when I went freelance and then started to work with Llew and his then partner Jack in theirnew venture Studd Menswear - great times.

Graham Fairhurst - 20/7/11


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