Halon (Stockport and Oxford St, Manchester)

Anyone remember "HALON" in Stockport ? It was not as fashionable as the Toggery, but not bad either. They sponsored a group called "The Halons".

You could also buy "Allan Allen" button down collar shirts from there, which were made in Stockport by Alan Cheetham, who was an agent, and managed a few groups as well. 

Rob Parkes - 23/2/09

There was also a Halons opposite the Wimpey/A1 on Oxford Rd.

Paul - 23/2/09

Almost sure there was a branch on Deansgate between Royce Menswear (where I pretended to work) and the entrance to Barton Arcade approximately opposite the cinema.

Ric Ford - 15/5/13

Remember it well - bought my black knitted Beatles slim tie there & still have it ! Next door was the Touchstone Pub plus a Fishmongers run by Pete (The Fish) Staples, who was drummer with Gordon Robinson Septet - regulars at the Bamboo Club, Hazel Grove

Peter Fone - 22/6/13


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