New Brown Street

I remember New Brown St well, by then I worked at Millgate telephone exchange the GPO, over the bridge in Salford. Come pay-day we'd hot foot it to a shop at the end furthest from Market Street, owned by the Serene family. My friend and I bought second hand furs, new floaty dresses and hot pants there, then it was off to Annabelles or Mr Smiths in our new togs. Another favourite was Bus Stop Boutique, but we had to save up for a couple of weeks to go there. I still remember answering a call in the exchange and being asked for the number for Bus Stop Bouquet!

I also used to see Geoffery Cohen nearly every morning opening up his shops when I was on my way work down Market Street, he would drive from one to the other delivering stock from the back of his Rolls.

Those days were the best.

June Hulstone - 6/5/13


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