A couple of clothes shops I remember were PYGMALIA and JOHN MICHAELS. I remember we bought some of our stage gear at Pygmalia. I think it was partly owned by Eric Stewart of 10cc. (I thought it was Tony Mansfield but perhaps that was later - Paul).

The shop was situated up an ally way just opposite St Ann’s Arcade, it’s still there but looking a little desolate now.

John Michaels was in St Ann’s Arcade and was definitely up market. Rather than the normal tat we used to buy this place sold top of the range and style. I had a mate that worked there for a time and the effect of all that quality clobber must have rubbed off on him because he started his own business making bespoke shirts. Check out internaItonal shirt maker.

How many mods got togged out at Barnett for Men?

Danny Hardman

I went to the opening of Pygmalia on 6 November 1965. I'm not sure that Eric Stewart, then a Mindbender, was involved - he wasn't there that day - but I believe three of the Hollies were - Graham Nash, Allan Clarke and Tony Hicks. Others I saw that day were Long John Baldry, Mike Wilshaw and Lionel Morton from the Four Pennies, Ric Rothwell of the Mindbenders, 'Ugli' Ray Teret and Cathy McGowan, presenter of Ready Steady Go. 

Liz Williams - 2/8/09

I worked at Pygmalia Boutique 1968/1969, Tony Bookbinder stage name Tony Mansfield own'd Pygmalia along with his wife Brenda, Tonys sister is Elki Brooks, The manager at this time was called Keith Plant.

It was a realy groovy time then with great stars just popping in, I used to have my hair cut at Harvey and Ruperts (I'm bald as a coot now) and the clubs were fantastic.

Ray Collier - 15/5/10


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