Seven Miles Out (Stockport)

A wonder fully 'trendy' shop with an eccentric owner. Selling clothes, furniture and quirky things.

Mike Meakin - 9/2/13

The absolute BEST shop in Stockport in the 60's ---- must have spent a fortune there.

Jo Egleton - 18/2/13

I loved shopping at "7 Miles Out" some great stuff for my flat in Heaton Mersey..and a FAB pair of Royal Stewart Red Tartan pants that I wore to pieces.. Long before those Bay City Roller guys.

BUT..the best thing about the quirky 7 Miles Out was....They had a Mountain Lion walking about the store..!!! yep True... ask anyone who knows. 

I was happily wandering around the furniture dept one Sunday evening and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this Mountain Lion walking about as if he owned the I scooted out quickly with me Red pants and lived to tell this tail..!! 

Derek Alltree - 2/9/13 


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