The Toggery (Mersey Square, Stockport)

Branches in Bury and Bolton


Owned by Mike Cohen, who I think was the Hollies first manager. He also managed the 'Toggery Five' who featured Paul Young.

Joe Moss

Yes! The Toggery! Sky blue AND pink, button-down or gingham collar - tab collar shirts. They had em' all!

Beatle Boots, by Annello and Davide , from London. Winklepickers galore - got mine from there and stashed them in the garden shed. My Mum did not allow me to wear pointed toe shoes 'said they were 'common'! So when I went out at night, I'd change into them in the shed , and back into my regular shoes via the shed when I came home! This went on for years!

The Toggery had leather waistcoats in all colours , leather jackets. Lots of leather, amazing trousers, suits , you name it . VERY well stocked shop - just like Carnaby Street, without actually spending the money on train fare to go down to London to get the 'gear'.

A great place to spot Wayne Fontana , or Graham Nash or Allan Clarke on any given day.

Dave Bowker

I worked at the Toggery in Bury and Bolton in 1964 till 66. I often wondered what happened to some of the other guys who worked there - Les Machin and Laurie Jaycot, both great guys.

I remember Michael Cohen. I will be intrested to see if anyone remembers me?

Mike Looker - 19/1/09

Hi Guy's & Girl's
I've just read your Clothes Shop page and thought I'd let you know that when Michael Choen had The Toggery my mate Linsey use to work they.

I've jsut posted a comment on The Toggery Five's You Tube Song " I'd Rather Be Out With The Boy'" about that big window on the front of the shop. It must have been 30 to 40 feet high ! One big sheet of glass ! I had never seen such a large sheet of glass that big ! Do you rembemer it ? It made the shop stand out!

The Goood Old Days ! I met Elkie (Elaine Bookbilder) Brooks in them days. I had a great but all to brief time with Elaine. Such is life. Peace & Luv

Terry TelQuiero Robson - 13/4/11





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