Decoy Records, 30 Deansgate

One of the best record shops Manchester ever had, Decoy had a two level store on Deansgate stocking Blues, R&B, Folk, Jazz, Country, Cajun, Bluegrass, World Music and Roots stuff.

I am not sure when the shop began trading (probably in the 1980s) or when it closed (one report I read said that  “following the IRA bombing and a massive rates increase its days were numbered.”)
The bombing was in 1996.  (Anyone got any accurate dates?)

I was a regular visitor on Saturday’s when I lived in Manchester and the guys who ran the place Mike and Nick were really knowledgeable and helpful. Always had new stock and didn’t mind playing album and CD tracks and happy to talk.

They also used to have stalls at the big blues festivals at Burnley and Colne.

Mike Chadwick one of the owners was a DJ on JazzFM – see this article:

If you Google Decoy Records Manchester there is regular mention of them on music forums and  the like.

Tony Burke
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