Kofflers (Hyde Road, Gorton)

Kofflers were a Radio and TV Shop on Hyde Road (the A57) in Gorton. They also sold luxury items such as washing machines and fridges - they were the height of luxury in 1950's Gorton. 

In, I think, 1957 they opened a record department in the basement which was run by a member of the Koffler family. He was quite a cool dude by the standards of the day and as well as stocking the usual hit parade pap, he would come up with some really unusual stuff. 

The first record that I remember buying there was a Leadbelly 78 which I think was on the blue Vogue label. 

Soon after I made a major purchase, the LP 'Murderer's Home' recorded at Parchman Farm (Parchman State Penitentiary). I've still got the LP which is close to unplayable. The 78 is being looked after by my son-in-law, a pro jazz musician who still uses a wind-up gramophone.

For some reason the record shop didn't seem to last very long, shame really.

Pete Crooks - 5/6/09

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