Paul Marsh Records (24 Alexandra Road, Moss Side)

Paul Marsh was a small record shop, situated on the bustling Alex Road in Moss Side, it always seemed to be full and there was always a queue to use one of the 'Listening booths' at the back of the premises, there was a gizmo on the counter for removing the centres from the 45s, I would imagine many subscribers of Manchesterbeat popped in at one time or another.

Phillip Roberts - 6/8/11

Both sets of my grandparents lived in Moss Side, one near Maine Road the others nearer to Hulme so a walk on Alex Road was inevitable and a look in at Paul Marsh essential. During the mid 1960s I recall they sold and played a lot of ska and bluebeat music not surprising because there was a big West Indian community in the area. The sound came booming out.

I also recall a shop nearby called Berkhams (I think that was the name - not sure of the spelling) that sold lots of ska and bluebeat, rock steady along with pop stuff.

They used to have racks outside selling cut price ska records on labels such as Treasure Isle, Dr. Byrd and Island (yes the white Island label). I did buy some discs from there including an Earl Bostic 45.

I recall some of the labels had water damage too! I also bought a John Lee Hooker album, second hand on Marble Arch, which I still have, either from there or a junk shop nearby.

Tony Burke - 21/11/11

I went to school at St Bedes' on Alex Road and made my first 45 purchases at Paul Marsh's shop. The water damaged discs from the outside shop on the corner further down included Coxsone singles by Jackie Mittoo and Island white label. No soul just West Indian music at that shop.

Brian Jones - 23/12/11

I used to 'work' (my pay was a couple of brand spanking new imports from Jamaica!) at the brother-shop to Pail Marsh records in the underground market off Market St in Manchester.

I haunted the place between 1972-77 every Saturday, usually the worse for wear after a Friday night at the West Indian Centre on Carmoor Road followed by the inevitable trip to the Western or the Reno, fortified by some curry goat along the way! Amazing people, amazing music - happy days.

Karen - 12/6/13

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