Penny's Record Corner (Princess Road, Moss Side)


I sort of remember the shop but never bought anything there. But the Army and Navy Shop next door was my number one place for jeans. Bought my first Wranglers there - 3 pounds 12 and 6d I think. Hard when only on 6 quid a week working at the CWS.

Paul webmaster 9/4/11

Hi, Pennys was opened and run by my classmate George (spud) Penney's mum when the shop they used to have on Denmark Road was closed down,( I think demolished).

I remember in the very early 60s going round to spuds and seeing all these black guys buying stuff like bill blacks combo, bill Doggett and earl Bostic, before I ever saw a Jamaican record. 

The first labels I remember seeing were Melodisc and Bluebeat, and artists such as Higgs and Wilson, Prince Buster, Derrick Morgan, Desmond Decker etc, etc. that shop had the first stereo player I ever saw, it was an american cloumbia never seen one since but it blasted out all that stuff out.

His dad used to do radio repairs and was still charging accumulators for really old wirelesses until I left school in '63 the other big sellers in that shop was Irish music. Cheers!!

Tony Roberts - 16/2/15


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