Ralph's Records (Corporation Street, near Victoria Station)


Ads from Grass Eye, Nov 1969

ralphs2  ralphs

Although some bands bought sheet music, many chose to just buy the record and learn it from there. Ralph's had a really good selection of soul imports and was the haunt for many of the early dj's.

Ralph's was the place to go - I bought "London Live at the Marque Club" there in 67? - possibly my all time favourite album! Just got a copy again in recent weeks - thanks Malcolm!!!!! Hey I still know all the words and links between tracks.


Phoenix City Smash perfectly reflect the times by having photos taken at many of the in-places of the time. Other pics taken on same day include New Century Hall, Top of the Town, George Best Boutigue and The Wheel - plus Spin Inn (below).

Webmaster with head down, second right.  Wouldn't do that now - a hole at the back!


I used to work at Ralphs Records around 1968-69, it was an amazing place, not just a record shop it was a great place to meet and hear new music. Great times. We had to write the weeks new Top Ten on a blackboard. OK till Cliff hit no 1 with 'Congratulations'. Ditsy here renamed him Cliff Richardson ... shamefaced fool ... I never noticed. 

Lynn Richardson - 28/12/10



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