Ralphs Records (Underbank, Stockport)

Ralphs Records had a branch in Underbank Stockport for a while. I worked there Saturdays and College Holidays for a while. I used to deal with the soul side of things and sold the various American imports and UK represses (not always that legal) we stocked.

Reggae was also a big seller and I remember an album called RockSteady with Dandy being a good seller.

Close to Ralphs was a small club where I seem to remember Jimi Hendrix being advertised. If he did appear I did not go as I had no time for rock music.

I have had my own record/music based business for 30 years and still enjoy soul music and release tracks via my RealSide label.

Terry Thomas

I remember Ralph's on Underbank. I dug out two Minit LPs bought there around 1972 - when I first discovered the joys of New Orleans R&B. One is 'We Sing The Blues' a great compilation with Ernie K Doe, Chris Kenner, Irma Thomas, Benny Spellman The Showmen, Jesse Hill etc. The other is Ernie K Doe's "Mother In Law', a good collection from the 'Mother In Law' man! Both were bought with no inner sleeves and were housed in a thick card sleeve, the edges were a bit worn, what do you expect for LPs that were ten years old. But they were authentic US albums! I think I bought some other stuff there around the same time, possibly some more US blues albums on United or Crown - I will have to check.

Tony Burke - 6/3/15

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