The Spin Inn (Cross Street)

Next to Top of the Town

Great shop - bought my second favourite album ever there - Outward Bown (The Alan Bown!). Favourite album is "London Live at the Marque" - yes, also with Alan Bown Set.Sorry - bought that at Ralphs.

Thats me, bottom left, with Phoenix City Smash outside the shop


Paul (webmaster) 

Gary Laine and the Spin Inn, I got most if not all my records from this wonderful establishment. Gary was a real star sifting through all the inevitable junk that was being released, or escaping in those days! He kept a selection of discs for the regular jocks on one side each week and we simply turned up and paid ... took the bag of tricks home and sorted which to keep or not!

Real cool dude was Gary.

Graham Green DJ - 24/7/10

Wow! I was a regular at Spin Inn and actually dated with Gary Laine for a while. He was a wonderful guy! He had an assistant called Linda.

He would sometimes DJ in Top of the Town, next door to Spin Inn. I wonder where he is now??

Would love to catch up him or anyone else who used to frequent Top of the Town/Spin Inn My email is chrisby53[at] I am now living in Penang Malaysia. Cheers!

Lynda D - 27/9/10

In it's day, The Spin Inn was one of the coolest record shops it the UK. Great staff and a great selection of often hard-to-get discs - I've still got many of them.

I had a soul band called The Executives and when we visited Manchester we often played next door at the Top Of The Town and invariably I blew a lot of my earnings at The Spin Inn.

Sadly, these days there are few shops in the UK that Kept The Faith like Spin Inn. I live in London and a really decent record store with clued-up staff is a rarity.

Roy Carr - (ex-NME, VOX, MM etc) - 28/10/10

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