Manchesterbeat Volume 1: The Early Years - SORRY SOLD OUT


Groups included in the book include (some in minor detail, others much greater depth):
The Backbeats, TD Backus and The Powerhouse 6, The Blue Angels, Blue Rondos, Blue Days, Barry and the Horizons, Deke Bonner and the Tremors, Black Velvets, The Bouncers, The Buttons, Cliff Bowes and the Arrows, The Boydells, The Chancellors, The Chasers, Chariots, The Country Gentlemen, The Confederates, The Cymerons, The Daltons, The Dawnbreakers/Breakers, Bobby Dell and The Dellstars, Drifting Hearts, Emperors of Rhythm, The Fourtones, The Good Guys, The Harbour Lights, The Hornets, Invictors, Johnny and the Avengers, Just Four Men/ Four Just Men, Bobby Laine and The Confederates, The Generation/Jasons Generation, Pete Maclaine and the Clan, The Meteors, The Mockingbirds, The Moonrakers, Lee Paul and the Boys, The Odd Ones, The Pathfinders, Johnny Peters and the Jets/Crestas/JP's, The Pressmen, The Rainmakers, Remo Sands and the Spinning Tops, The Re-Sounds, Roy and the Rest, The Sabres, Saints and Sinners, Semi-Tones, Silks, Soul Executives, Soundcasters, Spirits, The Statesmen, Stuart Charles String Band, The Stylos, Sum People, Swinging Hangmen, TNT and the Dynamites, The Toggery Five, TD and the Shakeouts, Tony and the Senators, The Travellers, The Tribunes, The Uptown Line, Wheels, Whirlwinds, The Wild Life plus a few others!

What Manchesterbeaters have said about the book

I have just received my copies of MANCHESTER BEAT, well done lad, I am more than pleased, the memories it brings back are indescribeable. As I mentioned in a previous email to you, one of the copies will be gifted to my local public library in the hope of bringing fond memories to others. Once again, well done, a first class job.

Bert Ashton

The book arrived today and what can I say!!!!!!!!! Absolutely bloody marvelous. You really have done an excellent job and I am not saying that just because of my mention................ It is a superb book and anyone with an interest in Manchester Music should buy one.

Stuart Bunyan

Have today received my copies of Vol 1 and I just wanted to say congratulations. Its a fabulous piece of work and there are so few people around who take the time and effort (and I know how much effort is involved) to not only put together a superb package of a book, but also record for posterity a true piece of Manchester History.

I am sure you have made your work aware to all the relevant authorities and officialdom in Manchester---if you haven't yet I hope you will, not least because you never know, someone might actually come up with some funding....lord knows you deserve it.

Many many congratulations on recording a wonderful time in Manchester's really is tremendous.

George Thornhill

A great little book, no home should be without one. You are to be congratulated on all your hard work. Very well done.

Brian Higham

Manchesterbeat has sparked off so many folks having happy reunions .. either in person or on the internet. I for one, have made contact with at least a dozen dear friends that I never thought I would hear from ever again .. now there is a chance of meeting up with some of them ...because of Manchesterbeat.

May it grow , and grow .. We are all waiting in anticipation for Volume 2 !! GREAT JOB , Man !!

David Bowker

Just received my book and really impressed - the book is a credit to you and reflects all the hard work you put into running the Manchesterbeat website. It brought back so many memories - rehearslas, travelling, falling out, being ripped off, dreaming of the 'big time' that only came for a few. Even so we were local 'celebrities' - my mum used to love telling folk ' our Alan plays in a group you know' - Happy Days !!!!!!!!!!!

Alan Herricks

Great book - read it twice! On loan at the moment, hurry up with book 2. Advance orders of 4 for your next one and rising. Reserve me 6 for the moment. Been asked for book 1 - may need another run on this one. Well done again!

Denis Jackson

Book arrived without mishap & it's really good. Even though I don't know most of the bands I just love the old photos. I think it's just nostalgia - for me they were great times & no matter who the group was or in which part of the country, we all went through similar experiences. So in just about every photo I can see something of me or others that I played with or knew.

Peter Houston

Just got the book! BRILL,FANTASTIC, A GREAT PIECE OF WORK, IT IS A CEDIT TO ALL YOUR HARD WORK AND PATIENCE AND HAVING FAMILY BACKING. A great write up on T-D AND SHAKEOUTS, THANK YOU, also got a thrill out of seeing my name in print cheers.

Not going to read any more of the book till I am on the plane to Tenneriffe this 24/4/07. Please put my name down for vol 2 and let me know when to pay through pay pal. Once again a great work thank you.

Harry Proctor




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