Vol 5: Can't beat that beat - SORRY SOLD OUT 

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Similar in style to Vols 1, 2 and 4, Vol 5 includes many new groups plus other features

Featured in the book (some in depth others less so):

The Beat League, Bobby and the Blue Diamonds, Boadicea, The Bobcats, The BoWeevils, Bruce and The Spiders, The Bushmen, The Buttons, Carnival, The Cheshire Plains, The Cheshire Set, Crooks Brown Band, The Dark Four, Deke Rivers and the Big Sound, The Demons, The Dolphins, The Don Juan Five, The Dragoons, The Editors, Falcons, Florida Beach, Focal Points, Four Hits and a Miss, Kalin Brothers, Lloyds Formula, Mal Ryder and the Spirits, Manchester In-crowd, Manhattans, Modrox, Motown Sect ,The Nightboppers, The Olympics with Jackie Fordell, The Orphans, Pepper Tree, Peter and The Rebels, Phil’s Swaggers, The Prowlers, The Redjets, Reg Coates Combo, The Rhythm Rebels, The Senators, The Senators, The Sioux, The Skyliners, Some Folk The Soundcasters, Sounds Important, The Sovereigns, The Stormbeats, The Sugarbeats, The Sundowners, The Swallows, Sweet Chariot, The Talismen, The Taveners and Toby Twirl.

Special Features

Stories from Paul Murray, Peter Taylor, Kenny Edmund and the Joe Meek Middleton connection.

Humour with Vanecdotes - Gig stories, Roadie Stories, Gear Stories Food Stories, Fan stories and Van Stories.

Venue Memories from Altrincham Ice Rink, Ashton Palais, Barrow Town Hall and The Majestic Patricroft.

128 pages, B&W

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