Manchesterbeat Volume 4: The Beat Goes On  - SORRY SOLD OUT

ad vol4


Back to a similar style to Vols 1 and 2, Vol 4 includes many new groups, dj's, agents, plus other features

Featured in the book (some in depth others less so):

The Admirals, Alan Etchells, Al Richie and The Invaders, All-Blacks, Art ‘n Soul, Atlanta Roots, The Beat Boys,
The Beat Vendors, The Blues Set, The Blue Chips, The Bridgebeats, The Chancellors, The Chapters,
The Citrons, The Clique, The Condours, The Cruiser, Dave Plum and The Stones, The Diplomats, The Dyleks, The Electrons, The Falcons, The Federals, The Five Commandments, Golden Rules, Gonx, Herbert Warnick’s Magic Elixir, The Innovation, The Irwells, The Jasons, Kathy and the Boleros, Kiki’s Kondours, The Kremlin Four,
Kris Ryan and the Questions, Lee Wade and the Wild Ones, Lemon Line, Lee Shondell & The Premiers of Beat,
Little Frankie, Mike Cadillac and The Playboys, Mike Curtis and The Estelles, Morning After, The New Religion, O’Hara’s Playboys, Pandemonium, The Pink Engine, Rainy City Blues Band, The Secrets of Manchester,
The Spots, The Shevrons, The Sneakers, The Stormbeats, The Strangers, Sweet Life, Venn Tracey and The Diablos

Alan Arnison, Barry Perkins Organisation, Bryan Yorke, Dial Theatrical Enterprises, Kennedy Street Enterprises,
Paul Vonk, Roy D Spencer, Roy Mozley, Stuart Littlewood,

Disk Jockeys
Dave Eager, Roger Eagle, Kenny Edmunds, Mark Joenz/Jones, Tony Just, Kevin Lane, Georgie Powell, Tony Prince, Ron the One,

Special Features
Gig guide, Stage Clothes, Ian McNab (The Roadie), Palm Springs.

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