Pete Bocking 6

It started out as a reunion for two of the Fourtones - Pete Bocking and John (Butch) Mepham meeting for the first time in many years. What better than a night at the Bull's Head in Stockport to watch old friends Pete MacLaine and the Clan.

On stage, there's Graham Attwood playing in The Clan - formally with Pete and John in the Pete Bocking Six.

Then, totally out of the blue, in walks Keith Sheppard and Albie Sayers. More surprising as Albie now lives in Spain, as his great sun tan would suggest.

So what started as a mini-Fourtones reunion ended up as a major Pete Bocking Six reunion.

Keith Sheppard, Butch Mepham, Graham Attwood (The Clan), Pete Bocking, Albie Sayers (Johny Peters and the Crestas).

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