Higher Blackley British Legion Club (Victoria Avenue, Blackley)

A sad sign of the times in 2012 recession hit U.K. The photos show the boarded up building that used to be the Higher Blackley Labour Club and is situated on Victoria Avenue.

This club has gone the sad way of many others due to the recession and costs of socialising.

The BeatLeague played here on quite a few occasions throughout 1965. I have fond memories of gigging here. The audience were always brilliant and very receptive to the other lads and this 16 year old drummer.

These were the days when the clubs were always rammed full at weekends and audiences clamoured for live music, particularly local groups. Ladies older than myself always wanted to chat and mother me.

That sure was a great venue that I always looked forward to playing at.

Would be great if any of the readers remembered this venue and the photos triggered other memories and stories of a great venue to play at.

Dave Anderton (The BeatLeague drummer) - 21/9/12

Sorry Dave to correct you on this venue but there never was a"HIGHER BLACKLEY LABOUR CLUB" the pictures you show here are HIGHER BLACKLEY BRITISH LEGION CLUB at Plant Hill on Victoria Avenue. It was originally a wooden hut then re-built arround 1960 but you are right it was a great venue & I also played many gigs here with THE SLEEPWALKERS & other groups/acts which I belonged to.

There was/is a MOSTON LABOUR CLUB at the top of Victoria Av East(near the Gardeners Arms) which was built about the same time & also booked groups.

Ken Porter - 26/4/13












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