Queen's Theatre (Blackpool)

The Queen's Theatre was in Bank Hey Street, Blackpool, Lancashire and opened on Wednesday, February 6, 1952.

It had originally opened as The Borough Theatre on Monday, September 3, 1877.

The Borough Theatre had a very short life as it closed only two years after opening, when it was sold for £3,000, a loss of £5,000 for its original proprietors. The Theatre was then renamed Bannisters Bazaar in December 1879 and ran as such for many years until it was eventually renamed Feldman's Theatre in the 1920's.

Jimmy Brennan brought Feldman's Theatre in Late 1951 and reopened it in 1952 as the Queen's Theatre with a spectacular summer revue titled 'Singing In The Reign' starring Josef Locke (1917 - 1999) and Nat Jackley (1909 - 1988).

The Queen's Theatre closed in 1971.


Info courtesy John H. Warburg  29/12/2022

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