Chilterns (Polygon Road, Cheetham Hill)

I used to go to Chilterns on Polygon Road Crumpsall in the early 60s. It was run by Mr (Ted) & Mrs Chiltern who would have been professional ballroom dancers in their time.

We went there on a Saturday morning to learn ballroom dancing. Most girls danced together and Mrs Chiltern would pick out boys to dance with her. I understand young Jewish Girls went along to get a chance to meet a young christian lad. Never happened to me, well not as far as I knew they were up to.

Later on Chiltens put Disco nights on and my kid brother DJ'd not really, he put records on.

Bernard Judge - 28/4/09

One of the first dance halls I went too. Saturday nights with Jimmy Cosgrove, Brian Pearce, Johnny Fielding and most of the kids from Higher Blackley and Crumpsal. We would go in the Oaks for a pint for one & three mild and one & four bitter, we were all under age of course. The Madison was the new in dance.

John Gledhill - 14/1/12

I remember Chilterns well, The first proper disco ever I went to, I remember it was 15's and over, so it wasn't licensed but it was over some kind of working mens or labour club, well some thing like that. We used to sneak into this place before we went into chilterns in the hope we would get served. A half of mild was my drink of choice back then. Quite daring for a 15 year old!!

This was the first place I remember dancing to all kinds of ''Groovy sounds'' but this place opened my ears to Motown and Northern soul, Devil in a blue dress by Mitch Ryder and the detroit wheels and shake by Otis Redding were big favourites to mention just a couple.

It was thanks to my experiences at chilterns that I got into the soul scene and graduated to the Twisted wheel, Tiffany's, Rowntrees sound, Top of the town, and of course not to forget the fantastic Wigan Casino all nighters.

As time moved on I got into DJ'ing and worked quite a lot of town centre clubs. Top of the Town with Gary Laine, Rowtrees Sound and Spring Gardens, Nice'n'Easy and later Kloisters and Rotters. All very happy times.

Eddie King - 9/4/13






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