St Kents (Fallowfield)

Not one of your major gigs but at the time I knew it - around 66-67 - it was a great place to be.

At the back of Platt Fields in Fallowfield, St Kents was a long, narrow Church hall, with a small stage at the far end. Rows of chairs lined each side and there was a small window for access to the "bar" - coke, lemonade, orangeade and bags of crisps.

I can't remember the DJ actually speaking but I think he was housed in a small room above the entrance. "Leader of the Pack" always brings back memories of St Kents.

There was always a band on each Sunday night but most are sadly just a blur.

My favourite band, I can remember well - although their name is almost lost - I am sure it was the Starlights. Them playing "Love Potion Number 9" is a strong memory and I think the band lost their drummer to Frankie Vaughan (which was more interesting then, than it is now).

Remember a mod called Paul, quite a leader then, who impressed me greatly by his tale of just getting on a bus to Blackpool for the day. No plans, no parental permission - he just did it. He danced on stage at the Princess Club sometime later, I believe.

He was also a great leader of men - we were often aimlessly walking around Wilbraham Road, or Chorlton, and he could smell a party at 10 klm. When we were really desperate, he used to go to this girls house in Chorlton and ask if the party was on that night.  We always got invited in and had coffees, listened to music, etc. Simple times but great fun.


A great weekend - Thursday for the disco at Holy Innocents on Wilbraham Road, Friday at St Bernadettes, Saturday to New Century Hall (if I could afford it) and Sunday at St Kents.


I used to play in The Shevrons - we played St. Kent's regularly. Love Potion No. 9 was one of the numbers we played; and I'm still playing it now! after some 40 years, with my current band The Cadillacs ( - although in between I've "rested" a lot, and also played with various outfits including The Gin House (soul), and Hard To Please (blues).

They used to say that to get in at St. Kents you had to face the parish priest, at the entrance, and answer a question from "The Catechism" (a Catholic booklet of doctrine)! Happy teenage days.

Tony Surdevan


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