The Disc-A-GoGo Club was at The Higher Broughton Assembly Rooms, 300 Great Cheetham Street, Salford 7, Cheshire and opened on Saturday, September 26, 1964 with The Pretty Things.
It had opened as The Whiskey A GoGo Disco Club on Saturday, April 28, 1962.
It was advertised in The Manchester Evening News and Chronicle of Thursday, September 17, 1964 as Greatest Teenage Club Organisation (Modern Clubs Ltd) Opens soon Disc-A-GoGo Disc-A-GoGo Watch For Opening Soon Disc-A-GoGo Disc-A-GoGo By Modern Clubs Ltd.
In 1965 it changed its name again to The Riverboat Club.
John H. Warburg 17 March 2022


Am I right in thinking that this was the 'Whisky-a-go-go Club' which was next to the 'RIALTO' cinema??? If it's one and the same then I used to go almost every Friday or Saturday. 

Jimmy Saville was the resident DJ and seemed to dye his hair a differnt colour each week, once it was done like Scottish TARTAN. I seem to remember that Dave Lee Travis also did some DJ'ing there too.

I saw many faublous groups here durung the 60's, including Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders, The Mojo's, The Yardbirds, The Prettythings, Manfred Mann (with Paul Jones singing), Donovan and many more that I can't seem to remember (must be my age). 

Jimmy Saville used to ride around Manchester in a Rolls Royce and he used to take his clothes to be dry-cleaned at the 'Rio Cleaners' at the top of Cannon Street in Manchester, where my mum worked. 

Jimmy Saville also had a little red Isetta (a Bubble car) and lived in a run down house somewhere on (I think it was )Gt Clowes Street,or it could have been Lower Broughton Road (up near the cliff - if you know Salford you'll know where I mean). 

Dave Lee Travis rode around in an old Jeep, with a huge aerial on the back of it.

I also used to go to the 'Oasis' in Manchester, where I saw groups like 'The Walker Brothers', Gene Pitney and of course 'The Hollies'. My claim to fame is, my sister-in-law Alice is the cousin of Graham Nash.

Sandra Downes - 1/6/10

Jimmy lived at one time in a luxury flat across the road from the club, think he lived there with his mother.

Jean Wheeler - 8/9/12

I was 13 in 1968 and went to the Disc with my mate Howard Passmore, his older brother got us in. I was bitten by the bug after hearing 7 days is too long by Chuck Wood and This old Heart of Mine, etc. Chunky was the DJ. Bernie Finneran used to take me from there to Manchester on the back of his scooter. Anyone remember Tony O'Donnald?

We used to all meet up in Lewis's cafe and Drakes Drum on Saturdays. I bought my first pair of Levi's from Chris Salmon second hand for 3/6d. Those days were fantastic. 

Mark Dutton - 8/9/12

I used to go to the Jimmy Savile club over the Rialto in the early 60s . The Whisky A Go Go. I used to win ten bob every week in the singing comp, won so many times he stopped me so entered the dancing and won that instead. It was Ray Terrett that did his hair same as Jimmy's and I remember the tartan do they had .

Dave Lee Travis had a jeep with balloons painted all over it. We used to bomb around in it to Belle Vue Top Ten Club. Ray used to take us into town in the bubble car, don't know how we all fitted in it.

Also Jimmy had the Beat City on Fountain St open every saturday afternoon. I used to win the ten bob for singing there as well, then go to The Grapes and spend it, the Crown pub or the Toby House opened at the same time.

Tom Nolan - 25/9/12

Anyone go to the cellar club Heaven and Hell behind Manchester Ccathedral in the early 60s? Went thr one night with my girl friend Victoria (blimey, still remember her name) to see the Pretty Things.

When they came back on after a break, the Rolling Stones were with them. Jammed till 6 am - what a night to remember. When they all left they climbed into an old bedford van - all the girls hanging on to the bumper getting dragged down the road. Eye fulls by the dozen.

As we were crosssing Market St their van pulled up, so I tapped on the door and they opened up the back. Victoria jumped in and snogged them all one after the other - me standing there like a prat! Mick Jagger was sitting there right in front of me, so for something to say I asked him what his mam and dads name was. The reply came back - not Ethel and Jim or whatever but ...JAGGER.  This is a true story.

Tom Nolan - 28/9/12

My parents were the managers of the Higher Broughton Assembly Rooms where Jimmy Savile had his disco club.

I remember him and Ray T (who emulated him in every way)as being two men who liked the attention of youngsters, but that appeared to be "normal" in those days however, I saw nothing that would have raised concerns.....perhaps because my Dad was there as the manager!

Because he was also the day manager of the Whisky A Go Go, the owners (a Persian and Londoner) were looking to compete with the Bunny Club...so they devised some costumes and I, at 14 was asked to model them. I also remember visiting their London club in Wardour Street in Soho, above Ronnie Scott's club with many names of the day, Alan Price et al.

I have many memories of the scene in the 60's. Going to the Twisted Wheel and the Oasys and The Jungfrau (behind the Cathedral). It was a good time and place in which to grow up.

Lynne Walsh - 10/1/13

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