The Astoria (Hyde)

The "Astoria" in Hyde opposite the bus station was a great little dance hall & venue for both local bands & others in the 60s, no one seems to have written about this venue.

I went most saturday nights & remember the Meteors, Gerry & Pacemakers, & my idol Gene Vincent. Shame I never owned a camera at the time.

This tiny place has so much history, someone most have photos. I believe the building is still there but has been used as a bingo hall for many years.

Geoff Kershaw - 6/6/11

This was another club I was assocated with. The time I was there it was owned by Sid Elgar who owned the Southern Sporting Club and others.

At the time Syd opened the Palace Theare Club in Accrinton and the acts doubled between the two. Again great days 

Alan Bowden - 24/6/12








Image courtesy Ian McLeod


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