Levenshulme Palais De Danse  - Sporting Club (Stockport Road, Levenshulme)

When it was known as the Levenshulme Sporting Club my mate Ken Martin and I often played there.

We were a guitar / vocal duo known as the Ellwoods and supported acts like Marty Wilde, Kaye sisters,Danny Williams and usually alternated with the Devonshire Sporting Club which I think was in Salford.

The compare at the Dev was Laurie Ash and shows followed the same format at both clubs i.e.solo singer or duo / comedian / stripper and headline act.

Later when it became Levenshulme British Legion there used to be a row of lights just above the stage that used to flash in sequence as the p.a. volume increased and would shut the mikes off if the volume got too loud!

Bill Heslop

The Levenshulme Sporting Club, as it was known in 1963 and 1964 was owned and run by the same management as the 'Devonshire Sporting Club' in Broughton, Salford.

The two clubs were major cabaret clubs of the time, with Friday and Saturday nights being the main nights for full cabaret bills.

Normally this would involve six or seven acts in a night - usually a headline name plus four or five supports and a compere. The bill would include comedian, speciality acts, pop/rock groups of the day and even a couple of strippers! The 'Top of the Bill' would be supported by this range of acts.

The Vincents played at the 'Devonshire' and the 'Levenshulme Sporting Clubs' during '63/'64.

Peter Royle - 11/3/10

The Levenshulme Sporting Club was at 699 Stockport Road, Levenshulme, Manchester 19.  It later became The New Levenshulme Sporting Club which was opened on Sunday, November 13, 1960 with Michael Holliday with the Trebletones, The Ray Ellington Quartet with Carol Simpson, Edna Savage, Neville Taylor and Johnny 'Goon' Tweed.

The owner of the club was Bill Benny (b. William Benny d. Friday, October 18, 1963 in a flat in Rusholme, Manchester 14, Lancashire, England) who also owned The Cabaret Club in Oxford Street, Manchester.

Before that it was called The Levenshulme Palais De Dance. The club was run by the same management who ran The Devonshire Sporting Club, Devonshire Street, High Broughton, Salford, Lancashire.

In November 1960 Benny had brought the failing Hulme Hippodrome, Preston Road, Hulme, Manchester 15 from the James Brennan cinema circuit for £35,000. He sold it 16 months later in April 1961 for £50,000 to Mecca.

Benny's business partner was Vic Lewis (b. Victor Lewis).

John Warburg
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