The Bluebell (Levenshulme)

Anyone remember the Thursday night disco at the Blue Bell? Not sure if it was Gorton or Levenshulme but the 169 stopped more or less outside

Mike Cooney - 29/7/11

Yes I used to go to the Bluebell in Levenshulme just over the border from Gorton Remember seeing a great group there called Swwet Chariot. They sung a single called Jesamine but it was also done by the Casuals who had a top ten hit with it.

Robbie Burns- 20/5/12

Remember Lawrence on Sunday night- always sang Portrait of my love & Old black magic- Levenshulme`s answer to Nat King Cole! First pub we were allowed in- after dad vouched we were `old enough` !!!Great nights for dancing locally in week.

Pat Hall-formerly Howarth - 14/5/13


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