The Birdtrap (Briarfield, near Nelson) 

The Bird Trap was at The Water Street Working Men's Club, Water Street, Briarfield near Nelson, Lancashire opened in 1968.
John Green opened the club and brought in DJs such as Baby Bob Stewart (b. Graham Robert Stewart, Monday, July 3, 1939, Liverpool, Lancashire, England d. Thursday, March 28, 2019), who came from the private radio station Radio Caroline North. After he had done his National Service in the army, his friend The Beatles first drummer Pete Best (b. 1941) suggested he become a DJ. Stewart worked various day jobs and DJ stints in local clubs. In 1965 he joined Radio Caroline founded in 1964 by Ronan O'Rahilly (b. 1940). He later joined Radio Luxembourg in 1969.
Back in the late 60's people would often make the short trip to The Bird Trap from Manchester after a night out at the famous Twisted Wheel Club, 6 Whitworth Street, Manchester 1. People from all over the country would come for the last couple of hours after the Twisted Wheel. All the Mods would turn up on scooters and stay until about 5am.     
The Bird Trap was forced to close in 1970 after a fire ripped through the place.
John H. Warburg August 2022

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