Northwich Memorial Hall (Northwich)

The "Morgue"!. If only I knew then what I do now.....

Got chatting to a small blond girl wearing a yellow knitted sort of string vest thing with a black bra!!! Circa 1963 I guess. Got dragged away by my mate who said she was dressed like a prossie! Loved her then, still do for the memory. May have been a group playing, dunno.

Missed the Beatles gig - no dosh.

Steve Povall - 28/11/11

I have just read that the "Morgue" is to be knocked down. SHAME.

What a lot of memories I have from Christmas 1963 onwards. Johnny Kidd and the Pirates, The Animals, The Kinks, The Hollies, The Who, The Applejacks to name but a few and I remember queuing to pay 15 shillings to see the Walker Brothers. The support bands were great too and one who springs to mind is The Notions from Liverpool.

It was a brilliant Saturday night out, no alcohol was sold and it was 9 old pennies for a coke.

Wouldn`t it be great to collate a list of memories on this page?

Kind regards, Patricia Bracewell - 28/2/12

Remember wading through floods at the bull ring to see the Beatles. And the last buses home that went every where great days great memories.

Sandra Lorimer - 14/11/12

Spent rather too much time at the bar as an underage drinker. Most memorable event was seeing and hearing Roxy Music blasting out.

Other memories, Edwin Starr and a decidedly half empty hall and half a dozen girls dancing round their handbags.

Jake Beckett - 20/10/13
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