The Luxor Club (Erskine Street, Old Trafford)


Great reminiscenses of the Manchester clubs. I think from 1966-71 all the talk of the underage drinking and only losing half a DD if you were rumbled, ahh those were the days.

I can't let the opportunity pass of mentioning the Luxor Club in the Old Trafford area. I can't remember the name of the street but I can visualise to this day the outside of a converted cinema which may well have been the Luxor.

Saturday nights were a treat with acts like "The Great Zargov" and in his day the unpredictable "Chukka Wheel" a brilliant drunken act on roller skates. Who could forget the juggling brilliance of "Joe Rugglies" and The resident band "Burus Brothers".

Up to 1965 Len Bowden was resident organist at the Luxor Club. A brilliant organist, he played a Lowry.

If I remember correctly the club owner was Ginger Chilton (Chiltern?). A thing that stands out in my mind is that there were no problems, I think the worst thing I remember is someone objecting to a drunken guest making a pass at his wife. You know the noise, I mean when I say that the chairs scraped back. The waiters were on the scene like out of a genies lamp, the trouble quelled apologies proffered and pride restored.

Tony Tunstall - 20/10/09

The Luxor Club was around the corner from the Platford pub on Stretford Road. It was on Erskine Street and had been a cinema up until it changed to a (mainly) cabaret venue in the early 60s. I distinctly remember Chubby Checker being on there at the time his 'Lets Twist Again' w3as in the middle of a long spell at number one in the charts. I was a kid at the time but clearly remember the posters outside, think it was a bit of a coup for the Luxor to have got him.

Towards the end of it's existence the Luxor had degenerated into a pretty seedy place and the cabaret consisted mainly of strippers, probably in the early 70s.

Jamie Rennie - 14/1/12

In the early 60s, it must have been about 1964, I went to the Luxor to see Gene Vincent backed by Sounds Incorporated. I was supposed to take my then girlfriend but her father would not let her go there so my father came with me - or rather, took me! He was pleased because he was a Gene Vincent fan and was mightily impressed by Sounds Incorporated too.

I actually played there with a "shadows" group called the Demons earlier in the decade. The compere was introducing us and announced "Back here by popular demand...." and he turned to us and whispered "What's the name again lads?".

Bob Ainsworth - 18/4/13

I used to go in the late 60's and 70's Al Showman and Jacky Charlton plus all the stripper and the best one was Rosemarrie a great looking blonde.

I now live in Australia and a few years ago met up with Al Showman who is also living in Australia and I have got to know him well, a great guy.If any one as photo of Rosemarrie I would love to get a copy. sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Keith Hindley - 13/1/14


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