St Crispins (Platt Lane, Rusholme)

OK, not one of your major gigs but round about 1963/4 it was a major night out for me.

I can remember seeing The Focal Points there and The Dyleks - which had Alan Young in, older brother of Rob Young from The Focal Points - plus The Mitres, I think, who had something to do with Mitrex gear. Thats stretching the memory a little. I did see other bands but unsure who.

I will always remember my first visit there. As I queued up to pay by entrance fee, I saw a bit of a poster on the desk and spied "under 13...". Not being too worldly, I thought it was half price for under 13's.

As I got to the desk, I was asked how old I was, replying boldly "12" - a lie that I thought might save me 6d. Sadly I was refused admission as the sign stated "Under 13 not admitted".

A lesson I learnt the hard way.

Paul webmaster

Went to St Crispins in the late 50s. It was a youth club, the first place we met up as teenagers, we played table tennis and listened to pop music on an old record player.

It was only opened on sunday night. We actually met girls - it was the highlight of the week. Happy days.

Peter Byrne - 21/1/12







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