New Plaza Ballroom(Swinton)

he New Plaza Ballroom was at 11 Station Road, Swinton, Manchester 27 and was founded in ca. 1933.
The New Plaza Ballroom was over The Wishing Well Club.
It was assumed to have been built in 1925 as The Swinton Picture Theatre and it appeared in the Kinematography Yearbook of 1927 - 1929, 1931 under that name. At about this time it was taken over by the J F Emery Circuit of 26 Cross Street, Manchester and by 1933 had been renamed the New Plaza Ballroom. The ownership of the club was now in the hands of Swinton Entertainment Ltd of which J. F. Emery was managing director. It also appeared in the Kinematography Yearbook of 1936.
The Emery Circuit operated the Plaza Cinema till 1957.
The cinema and dance hall appear to have been on the first-floor level, with shops on the ground level.
The club had a DJ Mike G. Little and DJ Dave (The Rave) Lee Travis (b. David Patrick Griffin, Friday, May 25, 1945, Buxton, Derbyshire, England).
The Plaza Cinema closed in 1964 and was later called The Wishing Well Club and then called Oliver's.
Info courtesy John H. Warburg 1 March 2022


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