Wishing Well (Station Road, Swinton)

The Wishing Well Clubwas at 11 Station Road, Swinton, Lancashire now Manchester 27, Greater Manchester and opened in 1963. The club was on the corner of Chorley Road and Station Road and up to 1963 was The Plaza with a cinema and dance hall on the first floor and shops on the ground floor. Yates the chemists was on the corner.

It started out as The Swinton Picture Theatre in 1925. It was then taken over by the J. F. Emery Circuit and by 1933 had been renamed The Plaza. It was now in the hands of Swinton Entertainment Ltd of which J. F. Emery was managing director. The Emery circuit continued to operate the cinema until 1957.

It was also known as The Swinton Palais.

The resident D.J. was Leaping Lenny Tickle (b. Leonard Tickle d. ). 

The Club was demolished in December 1968 to make way for The Lancastrian Hall. It was later re-named Oliver's, and following which it was used as a Roller Skating Rink for a number of years.

AKA Swinton Palais, 1960's resident DJ Leaping Lenny Tickle who looked a bit like Englebert Humperdink... Big sideburns and shiny suits were the order of the day for guys and mini skirts with thigh length boots for the chicks!


John H. Warburg. November 2022
"Yokel Local" - 21/9/11

Leaping Lenny Tickle now deceased RIP.. Bless you Len x

JK - 24/3/12


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