Altrincham Ice Rink (Altrincham)


The rink closed March 2003 and is now a building site


This was a major gig in its day - although I never worked it. I would love to get some stories from readers about this place - I heard bands used to wear coats it got that cold. Is this true?

Passion Waggon used to play Altrincham Ice Rink, it was a block booking of 4 sundays in a month for £40.00 so it was regular work after giging up north on the friday and saturday nights, and yes it was cold and we did wear coats but fortunately we only had to do 2 x 30min slots or 3 x 20min which we invariably cut short so we would not get frost bite.

Malcolm Randles

Herbert Warnicks used to play there regularly along with what was probably a sister rink in Solihull Birmingham. Me and Alan Skidmore the keyboard player (sorry organist) wore fur coats...we looked like Tinga and Tucka. A bell used to ring when the band took the stage which was facing the ice, all the skaters congregated in front dancing in their skates.

The backstage area was always an interesting place to take a girl or two.

Tony Lingard

My friend, his brother and myself used to go here on the odd times. One night in particular stands out was when we went there to see the 'Paramounts'who as you know went on to become 'Procol Harum'. They wore light blue suede pants/shirts and knee high boots also light blue suede.

'Little Bitty Pretty One' I think was what they opened with, followed by 'Poison Ivy'. The support group was, if I remember correctly, a band called 'The Gamblers', I seem to remember them singing 'You Really Got A Hold On Me'. And yes it was so damn cold standing there with steam coming out of your mouth ... Great times though.

Rod Dickson 28/2/09

I played Altricham Ice Rink regularly with the Manchester Federals in the mid '60s. Freezin it was. Supported the Moody Blues there.

It was really good, when the band came on, all the skaters congregated in front of the stage.

We did the Manchester Silver Blades and also the Solihull rink near Birmingham. You needed your 'thermals in them days!

Anybody remember giggin there? 

Chris Evans 11/3/09

Saw The Pretty Things there in the early 60s

Jeff Goss 21/5/11

Played the Alty ice rink many times with The Fat Sound. Kevin Parrot and Mick of Matchstalkmen fame (the Lowry song) were in the band. I played trumpet and i remember it was bloody cold, but I tell you what, I wish I could go back and do it again but none of us ever will! Ah well, happy days!

Regards Rod

Rod Dunford 5/8/11

This was the first ever venue I played with the Emotion.They asked me join them next night without rehearsal I was playing at the Rink.
The told me the venue but for some strange reason I didnt think it would be cold so just wore t shirt and jeans, froze my ass off!!!

Played many times after in warm clothes It was a good venue where we always got a good reception.

Geoff Mann 21/9/12

Played here in the 60's in a band called Misty Soul. In the band were two brothers Chris and Malcolm Fisher. It was that cold you never played a slow song just fast only to keep warm. It was the starting block for lots of bands.

I went on to other bands, my last band was in New Zealand, Santa Fe Reunion 1979 to 1989. Still guesting with bands in Aussie and NZ.

Bernie Blackburn 24/3/13 

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