Formby Hall (Atherton)

The Formby Hall was in Alder Street, Atherton, Lancashire.

Find memories of Formby Hall - supporting The Equals, Sounds Incorporated, Johnny Johnson and The Bandwagon and playing there in our own right many times. Also being a judge in Miss Atherton 1968 (or 69).  Booked by Jimmy Bunting.

Lots of gigs in Atherton area. Great times.

Paul - Phoenix City Smash - 31/3/13

I grew up about hundred yards away. In the 1960’s my mate and I climbed up a drainpipe to get a glimpse of the Kinks and the Four Pennies. Later I watched the groups Paul mentions. Also Desmond Dekker and the Aces appeared, all arranged by Jimmy Bunting who ran a church youth club.

The 70‘s duo. Medicine Head also performed.

Jimmy arranged a Motown night with a band a few years ago. It was a sell-out and a nostalgic reminder of a great era.

David Brown - 20/1/13


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