Lucas Social Club (Burnley)

Central Burnley early 1960s

Quite a nice venue which was above the shopping area on Parker Lane, Burnley, which had a beat group night on Tuesdays and was booked by Mr. Jack Butterfield (who worked for Lucas).

He then went on to be the Commercial Manager for Burnley Football Club and was in charge of the “Centre Spot” Club (Burnley Football Club Social Club). When he relinquished his job at Lucas, Mr Brian Whittaker took over the bookings.

I believe its been a mixed bag of clubs since them good old days and you can see from the (2006 photo on the right) that it must now be another “boarded up venue”.

Bryan Yorke

We (the Saracens) played here many times. 'Beat nites' were Tuesdays and Sundays if I remember correctly.
Three of us worked with Jack Butterfield's son, which might have helped us get the work!

Geoff Peacock - 6/9/13









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