88 Club (Wellington St, Gorton)

I have wonderful memories from when myself and my sister Shirley and friends Pat, Sheila, Pauline, & Cath went mostly to the Jungfrau & The Oasis clubs.

Before we were able to frequent the above and other clubs, we went to the 88 club, this was in cellars of a house on Wellington Street, Gorton, near where the cinema was in Manchester and was run by Mrs Folkes and her son.

It was a youth club, and went there and the Sacred Heart youth club when we were 14,15 and 16, it was brilliant, a disco and soft drinks. The youngsters of today, probably don't have anything like this now a days, a sad sign of the times.

Pauline (nee Dunn) - 5/11/09

I would love to hear from Pauline or anyone who remembers the 88 CLUB. The lady mentioned was my auntie and I used to help out doing the door at the club.

Derek Wood - 20/12/11

Hi everyone - the 88 club was started in 1964 by myself and Les Foulkes. We had some great times. It was in 1966 that we had a huge do there it got a little out of hand.The neighbours and one or two shop keepers complained so Auntie Marie (Mrs Foulkes) took over and never missed a night. They were great times and very fond memories of all the members.

Keith Buckley - 3/8/12


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