Pomona (Reddish Lane, Gorton)

The Pomona was a pub which provided really good entertainment all those years ago. It was located in Reddish, I think, and offered both amateur and class acts together with a talent contest. Some of the groups were really cool. The Pomona was run by the well-known "Renee Rhythm" who was of course the landlady. Before she moved to Reddish she ran another pub on Ashton Old Road at the Ardwick end: great acts in there, too.

A good night out, with some of the finest beer in town, was guaranteed. Ah, memories! Although the Pomona was strictly speaking a pub, it always had more of a club atmosphere, in my view.

David Benjamin - 7/5/12 .

The Pomona was situated more or less Manchester end of Reddish Lne. I worked there many years ago. I remember the landlady very well, she was a tartar if ever there was one. Great lady, Bless her. Tony Marsden was Compere at that time, Still good friends with him. We meet from time to time when they have the re-union get-togethers at Monroes pub Piccadilly.

Tony Garcia - 16/2/13

After its prime I played there and rehearsed there with a soul band. The cabaret room had become just a large room and I saw a couple of bands there. In its heyday I worked there one night as a "gitvoc" and the compere said "You are on at 8.30." 

I was upstairs in the "dressing room" just putting my guitar on when I heard him introduce me! I legged it down the stairs and through the audience and as I passed the compere he said loudly " I told you 8.30!" - it was about 8.32 and most places ran late which was why I was caught out!

Bob Ainsworth - 18/4/13


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