Aunties Kitchen - Bow Lane, off Clarence Street, Manchester

Anyone remember Aunties Kichen? I often used to go there before hitting The Magic Village.

I remember seeing Jethro Tull at The Village before they were famous. I also seem to remember 'Love Makes Sweet Music' by Soft Machine on the jukebox.

Sally Coombes - 7/2/10

I remember Aunties Kitchen in the early 70s .... especially the big L mobile sound.

Christine Stephenson - 23/3/12

The L in the "Big L Mobile Disco" (see leaflet) stands for Lloyd.

Lloyd G. (George) Stephenson was the driving force behind Auntie's Kitchen. A tall, likeable Jamaican - and archetypal entrepreneur - he went on to found Venusound mobile disco hire on Whitworth Street. I believe Lloyd returned to his native Jamaica some years ago.

Keith Jones - 25/5/12

Big L left Manchester for London.. He was involved in many clubs including Rays Place in Fallowfield, to which most of south Manchester student population dined on free burger and chips every Thursday eve.

Christine Stephenson - 8/9/12

I used to design and build DJ equipment for Lloyd that included really powerful strobes and Sound to Light machines. He was a really nice guy and was always very generous.

I used to run a disco light show for him at Rays Place on Wilbraham Road in the early 70s.

Mike Meakin - 9/2/13

I well recall going to Aunties on a few occasions on a Friday night after visiting Manchester hostelries with a group of us from Bramhall. Don't recall any specific nights except one when the New York Dolls were dues to play Manchester and a guy was flogging tickets for the gig - I think the following week. Happy days though!

Tony Burke, Bromham, Bedford - 11/2/13


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