The Beat Club, Little Canon St

Anyone remember the Beat Club, which was situated on a small street off Piccadilly, not far from Yates's Wine Bar.

It was an all nighter every night of the week. We'd go there until maybe 2.00am, then head on to The Reno Club and maybe a shebeen in Moss Side until about 4.00am then back to the Beat Club until 5.00-6.00 am and then have breakfast on a cafe on Oxford Street. Hey, those were the days! Where are the groovy allnighters now eh?

Geddes Yates

Ah!! The Beat Club, Thinks ! This club was located on either New Cannon St, or Little Cannon Street which ran between Market St and Cannon Street. I played a couple of gigs there in the 60s with "The Banshee Band".

Seem to recollect the stage consisted of upturned Watneys wooden bear crates covered in lino, I only found this out when I tore the lino with my cuban healed Beetle boots and nearly fell through it. At age sixteen we thought it quite cool to be going on at midnight for the first set and finishing at two oclock in the morning. Oh !!! if my mother ever found out where I was.

Great days.

David Roylance - "Under The Wire Band" and still gigging. 14/4/12 

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