Bier Keller, 77 Piccadilly



Anybody remember the resident group at the Bier Kellar?

Led by Dave Pearson - an amazing guitarist/bass player/arranger and if I remember rightly was ex IVY LEAGUE (lives in Wythenshawe I think).

Drummers included Brian Pearson (ex Henderson Chambers and Jimmy Ruffin), Derek Carr (ex FOUR TOPS UK tour, London Palladium, Strictly Top Cats? with Wolf Montgomery) and Dave St.James.

I joined on Hammond organ in 69/70 ish (7 nights a week) and stayed for 7/8 years.

We were unfortunately called the Kellermen by the management and did everthing from sing along to rock covers.

Visiting cabaret included Light Fantastic from Birmingham, Sweet Chariot (when Pete Oliver was driving a Bentley), Wayne Fontana (we were the Mindbenders with no dots!), a topless all girl group from Sweden, Stoney End (Jenny Darren & Tony Baker on keys (now Peter Kay's MD), Mac and Katie Kissoon (USA).

For Nathan Solomon, your dad played with us on a sunday night along with Ray Johnson on Saxes and Syd Ayhurst on Trumpet.

Anyone remember Big George at the Auto Club (I Know Pete Olly will) - best steak in town.

When I started at the Keller there were 32 house bands (from keyboards and drums upwards) in and around M/c Centre - when I moved on in `78 there were 3. All replaced by DJ`s I seem to remember. 

Glynn Buckley

Yes, Glyn, I remember the Bier Kellar very well - from the other side of the stage!! I will never forget your bad jokes or your brilliant keyboard playing - it was all part of my youth in the seventies. Did you work with a drummer called John Broome (Groome) at the Keller? and maybe Martin St John? 

Great times - Thank you.

Wayne Critchley - 29/1/09

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