Cabaret Club (Oxford Rd, Manchester)

This was a late-night top Cabaret Club on Oxford Road, that had all the top stars performing there and always a lot in the audience.

I played there so many times in my duo STRANGE BREW.

It was owned by Billy Kerfoot who owned a fabulous 1966 Gold Pontiac Parisienne that he had from new reg Number HRJ 8 D. My Partner in the duo bought it of him but that's another interesting story for another day. 

I was doing a week there on the same bill with my old friend Billy Fury who was by nature a shy nervous kind of guy in the audience unbeknown to us at the time was Freddie Starr. Billy was on stage doing a bomb and was half way through Haflway to Paradise when Freddie came through the curtains on stage behind him and ushered to the audience to be quiet.  As quick as a flash he had the mike of Billy sang one full verse sounding identical to Billy handed him back the mike never said a word and walked off.  Everybody screamed laughing including Billy and the band. When we came off Freddie was in the dressing room and had us all in stitches laughing including Billy Kerfoot and his manager -  I think his name was Phil.  Other people I performed with there was Gerry Marsden The Searchesrs, The Swinging Blue Jeans, Grumbleweeds, Rockin Berries The Mersey Beats and so many more. This was a great club I so often think about the fantastic times all performers enjoyed there.

I hope this brings back memories for others who went to the Cabaret Club back in the day.

Ian Kinsey   11 January 2021


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