I am AMAZED why DENO'S club is not mentioned more frequently! This club employed some phenomenal musicians in its heyday, including most of the NDO musicians.

Also, Deno (Mr Kitromeledes) famously barred Mick Jagger for not wearing a tie!

I played drums/vocals there from 1975/7 with a trio, Les Clarke on double bass, and Roy Powell on accoustic piano. We had a wonderful time at the latter end of the cabaret scene, until the "quality street gang" decided to have a row, and completely wreck the place. It was never quite the same after that, and eventually closed.

Deno's brother also owned the TAKIS diners club, where the great drummer /vocalist Phil Keen played with my brother Steve on bass, and Dave on piano. Phil had a giant Pontiac car at the time, and after work, we would usually end up at Phyliss's showbiz bar, and get mortalled with George Best or Bob Greeves, or some hookers!! (or any combination!!).

Phil (still in make up, and a bow tie) would then drive back to Stockport at 7 am, drop us off, and we would do the same the night after.

What a happy time!! years before any health and safety act, or political correctness!


Rob Parkes

Nice to hear someone saying something nice about my late brother Roy Powell.

He could be an awkward get at times but we loved him for it. He passed away back in 1999 so did his great friend and bass player Les at some time around then..

His last big jobs where as resident piano/keyboard and entertainer with Butlins. I am sure he would of put a lot of Red Coats through their paces. One of his favorite things was to pull an artists dots to pieces and decide for them what key for them to sing in and then while they where on he would be playing piano-foot playing intricate bass parts-singing backing vocals and reading through his Model Railway magazines while busking what ever song they wanted to play in any key known..

Any body remember any more of his antics please get in touch.

POP ON Bass.

PS Deno's bar and grill was also - I think - the place mentioned in Thin Lizzys hit The Boys are back in town.

Ian Popplewell

Hi Ian, don't know if we ever met, but your brother was some pianist!!! I remember him playing left hand piano, and melody on a glockenspiel with his right hand!

He was probably the finest natural piano player it has been my privilege to play with, and along with Les Clarke on double bass, we had a great sound. I did'nt know he had passed away. God bless him. 

Rob Parkes

Brill times, I we'll remember the doormen of the time especially Neil Brockbank? & Crazy Horse, well looked after me as I was a bit of a cocky dick.

Tricky Dicky - 14/11/13


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