Drake's Drum, Marsden Square

There was a great little coffee bar off Cannon Street at the back of British Home Stores called 'Drake's Drum'. You went downstairs to a small cafe with red tables and chairs and a great old juke box. Called in a few times with some mates and played the Stones 'Not Fade Away' and the b-side 'Little by Little' on it over and over again, before heading to a 'Cavern' all-nighter.

Peter Bradford

I remember Drakes Drum in Marsden Square behind British Homes Stores about 1963-66. British Homes Stores was then Henrys store and had a conecting tunel to H.Samuel, the jewellers. I worked at both places and Drakes Drum was a regular after work haunt. Having played in a band in the early 60's - Paul Fenda and the Teenbeats - I placed a demo disc in the Juke box which did not prove popular and was soon removed.

Chris Bowden - 27/12/11 

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