El Bossa Nova, Todd Street


The club was facing the side entrance of Victoria Station and at one time, I believe, was the City Cafeteria. As you can see the, I suppose, house band were The Victor Bullock Broadcasting Quartet - who ???

As mentioned in another page The Top Cat club was located in the top storey of the building and had a soul themed juke-box and strippers. I used to frequent both joints funds permitting. 

The pic was taken in 1965 - do you remember it ?

Tony Dixon - 24/7/10

Never got to the club but do remember the Chinese Restaurant in the picture - used up Luncheon Vouchers there when I worked at CWS.

Paul Mlynarz  - 24/7/10

Oh I remember the Bossa Nova Night Club, even though I was a mere child at the time.

I did go on many occasions ,and learned to play the drums,which were on the stage area along with piano, keyboard, and other instruments. But I did sit on the drums hour after hours after pressing the right numbers on the juke box to bring up Cosy Powell, time after time after time Dance with the devil if I remember correctly. I did some sweating on that stage I can tell you,and all because Chic was busy doing Club stuff, running around, making phone calls, meeting visitors busy busy busy - so I had to stay out the way and keep myself occupied.

This I did on many occasion,drumming and drinking lot's and lot's of bottled coca cola, bought from Slack & Cox minerals, Hyde Road, Manchester.

How do I know? Well Chic used to take me virtually every where with him - the banks, The Manchester Evening News Office, ordering drinks and food, buying suits and he sometimes had suits made for his sons of which I can proudly say I am one.

Takes me back, I even remember the flower lady at the entrance ground floor of the Club. There were occasions we went to the Gents in Victoria Station where he could have a Cut Throat Blade Shave, shoes polished,and face steamed - followed by a splash of the old smelling stuff. Oh yes they were the days alright.

am really please and priveledged to be Chic's son and to top that he named me after himself - His Full name being Patric Albert Chic Taylor, and apart from my brothers Robert, Mitchell, Craig, Vanceand sisters Lorriane and Barbara, also named after his wife, our Mother.

I carry his name on as he named me Don Patric Albert Chic Taylor. To be the Man he was would indeed be a great feat, to be half the Man Chic was, I would indeed be Humble.

R.I.P Chic Taylor "The Black Prince "

Ps Thanks for the oppotunity to share some great memories with others and a great site,I will visit again just to take a peek every now and then.

Don Taylor - 20/1/11

Chic Taylor - God bless him.

I was an Electrican by day and worked for Goodwins taxis by night. One of the clubs we used to serve was the Bosa Nova well let me tell you I took Chic to the Taj Mahal Indian restaurant at All Saints after the club finished for the night on many occasions, also being privileged to be invited and dine with him, listening to his fasinating tales he would talk about.

"Chic was truly a character" then I would take him home to Bennett St of Hyde Rd were he would rest his wiery head for the night. Chic was kind to me always making sure when I walked up them stairs he had a broad smile on his face and would shout in his deep voice TAXI and the girls of the night and their punters would be told very firmly by Chic you pay this man and tip him well or you`ll have me to answer to.

They were words of magic in my ears as I used to get fantastic tips cause the girls used to say to the punter tip him well (as per Chics instructions) and they did.

Happy days. Chics legacy will never die .

Alan Forrest - 9/4/11

Such was the reputation of Chic Taylor that as far as I and many others were concerned,the Bossa Nova was better known as 'Chics'. 

I used to call in there from time to time and I've actually got a tape of me playing there on guitar with the great Roy Powell on piano, my mate Holly Parris on bass and Chic Gamage on drums. Roy was a great jazzer but could turn his hand to any type of music. I remember him turning up at a rehearsal of my band (the Crooks Brown Band) and joining in on Bernie's vibes. 

The Vic Bullock mentioned on the poster was also a vibes player and very good he was too. I didn't know that he was a 'Broadcasting' vibes player. At one point, like Pommie Paul our worthy webmaster, I also worked at the CWS but I didn't get luncheon vouchers. I must give my union rep a call.

Pete Crooks - 10/4/11

I used to go in the place when I was a mere messenger at the Daily Telegraph, around 1969... it both intrigued, and sort of, scared me. In my defence, I was only 16. All human life was there... and some I'm not sure about.

Ed Vaughan - 23/3/12

I met my late wife Jackie at the club. She worked behind the small bar just inside the entrance at the top of the stairs. That was 1969, I remember Chic, happy days.

Michael Brooks - 8/6/13

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