Oasis (Lloyd Street)

Later known as Sloopys, Yer Father's Moustache and Rubens


and also check out the Gig Diary which has extensive listings of Oasis gigs.

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Many would remember the great nights with The Original Drifters.

Tony Burke from Blues & Rhythm Magazine has very generously supplied a great collage of the Drifters - most shots at the Oasis

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(From Blues & Rhythm Number 268)


Image courtesy Alan Fildes


The Oasis and Club Roma
by Pete Maclaine

You must have been about seventeen
When I caught your eye in that dark coffee bar
It was underground, you could not see the light of day
We had frothy coffee and a coca cola
I had to kiss you before 1 got much older
I just could not resist those lips

Sitting in corner Allen Clarke & Graham Nash
Two ambitious Salford lads
Who were destined for fortune & fame.
We had a twist, and then a smooch
You got makeup on my mohair suit
I didn’t care, I had another one at home.

Freddy was a dreamer, Wayne Fontana still a kid
I thought they would make their mark
And that’s exactly what they did.

We had to get out of there,
So climbing up the stairs
Into a city that was inviting us to play,

Round the corner, not too far,
Walking to my favourite bar
Where the band played on into the night
I asked if you’d like a bowl of soup
I can see you’ve been working out with a hula-hoop.
She said no but I’ll have a Cherry B.

I had my usual bottle of beer
And a whisky mac to keep my head clear
Back then that’s what did it for me.

In a candlelit room we had fillet steak and chips
I could well afford the twelve and six
Man, we were cool!

It was quite late when you phoned your mother
Saying not to worry,
But you wouldn’t be home that night

It’s Manchester 1961,
Manchester, havin’ a whole lot of fun
Manchester, and the Beatles yet to come!! 


"At the time, the owner was Tony Stuart who also owned and resided at Warmingham Grange Country Club down near Sandbach. The Stuarts were nice people who had owned various clubs in and around Manchester, there was another on Plymouth Grove which was more of a ballroomy sort of place. Can't remember the name (Astoria). Tony was proud to have had the Beatles and the Stones at the Oasis.

Me and a guy named Dave Backhouse built a light show of the liquid psychedelic type and we worked at the students union and other such gigs with our Aldis 1000 projectors borrowed from school unofficially of course.

Tony Stuart was very keen to have this lighting effect in Sloopy's and I was installed above the bar facing the stage and I believe that we were the first to do this.

The DJ at Sloopy's was Don Howard (Daffy Don Howard) who was a floor manager at Granada TV and was instumental in bringing lots of celebs in to the club. I remember he worked on Coronation St and Crown Court. We had bands on most weeks from London Attractions, some names to ponder, Sam the Sham, Drifters, Platters, Mack and Katie Kissoon, Ike and Tina Turner.

The band that accompanied most of these was called the Clan from London, not Pete MacLaines Clan. We had Edison Lighthouse who turned out to be 3 members of the Clan and the lead singer who was famous for Rosemary Goes."
Graham Rothwell In the early sixties the Oasis, which became the biggest coffee dance club in Manchester,was owned by Hugh Goodwin. Graham and myself managed the club.

We also wrote the first of the flyers which eventually evolved into the Northern Beat Scene mag and which is now a useful reference for the early '60s.

Joyce Rawlings and I are putting the story of the Oasis, the musicians, and those who danced and drank coffee to the sounds of the bands..Little did we know in those days that 40 odd years on we would all become part of Manchester's musical history."

Pauline Clegg I was looking at the website and marvelling at the picture of Phoenix City Smash (right). If you look at the back wall, it is painted white to accomodate my light show!

I recall a guy from Stoke who did all the odd jobs and maintenance, he was a grumpy old git and never forgave me for him having to put many many coats of white on the matt black wall.

Grahame Rothwell

Managed to get some of Tina Turner's sweat on my arm when she came off stage at the Oasis. In the Nags head one night I was sat with Jeff Beck Paul Samuel Smith and of course the great lamented Keith Relf explaining the lay out of the Oasis.

My mates and I used to help as part time bouncers at the club with Shev as we called him, thats why I got so many free tickets. Chatting to Roger Daltry outside the Rising Sun. I still remember my first night at the Oasis walking through the swing doors into the darkness and excitement to see Cadillac and the Playboys.

Just remembered one of you contributors mentioned the night they filmed in the Oasis for American TV. Yes I was there - that was a good night too.

The first all nighter @ the Oasis was Manfred Mann, when they came on stage I was asleep with my head next to Mike Vickers speakers I seem to remember one of his guitar strings snapping hitting me around the ear, as you know that's how close we got to the stage.

I also remember being stood in the Gents next to a young Rod Stewart telling him I fancied Julie Driscoll who was on with him.

Alan Fildes - 26/1/09

I saw the Beatles at the Oasis Club on 22 February 1963. It was packed as Love Me Do was beginning to take off and people were beginning to think they might be big! 

The crowd was orderly and you could actually hear the music. My diary entry for that night reads "Great, Chris Narva's Combo also on".

I remember Paul McCartney sitting on the small stage after the gig chatting to anybody and signing autographs. I think I got one but I don't recall what I did with it. The Oasis had a great informality about it and you could get up close and personal to the singers. Especially true on Tuesday nights when local favourites like the Olympics and Pete Maclaine and the Dakotas had the house spot.

Louis Murray - 6/2/09

I remember the Oasis, the queues used to be half way up the street before they opened, the staff were great with me though, as I wear a caliper they used to let me in early so I wouldn't have to stand too long. The DJ at the time was called Phil Woodbine but nobody apart from me seems to remember him! I also remember once, Tony Stuart the then owner showed me a cheque for £800 made out for the Rolling Stones. 


I worked at Washingtons on Deansgate in 1965. It was a store where people who paid weekly for goods from their homes purchased during the year from the major store in Manchester. Where agents or "tally" men or "collectors" used to go every week to houses all over Manchester to collect money and they, the customers, got issued with a "Chit" for £25-£100 about three times a year to "spend" in the store.

Alan Clarke and Graham Nash (of the Hollies) both worked there just leaving at about the time I started. Alan Clarkes mum used to be the "char lady" there.

I worked in the "boutique" in the basement and sold psycedelic shirts and ties as well a striped hipsters and paisley patterned things. I particularly remember I used to queue up to go into the Oasis club on a Thursday night after work, as we worked until 8pm on that night. I later managed the club "Rubens" which was situated on the same site as The Oasis and it opened in 1972.

It was owned by 3 people at the same time (an arrangement that never works) and after a particular heated exchange with one of the owners I was told to "piss off", on boxing day 1973, by David Johnson. Colin Burn and another guy Maurice, (Dave's right hand man) were the other two owners. ITN covered the opening and it was on the 10pm News sometime in the February of 1972. Dahlia Lavi was used to promote the club as she was going out with Colin Burn at the time, but that lasted about as long as he needed the publicity she brought, she left for Germany soon after the opening.

Rubens at the time was the ritzyist club in town, for the well healed entrepeuner type, rivalling but never quite beating "Blinkers" owned by the Demmy brothers on the site of another old club across the town. Rubens had the interior of a boys school used in its decor cost £60,000 then to open and they spent over £30 grand on the sound system, and it also boasted a really bad couple of Rubenesque oil paintings on the wall. A long way from the "old" Oasis decor.

I was asked back after Colin left in the Summer of 1973, but I never went back. David died at 33 a couple of years later. Maurice disapeared and Colin went on to own "Slack Alices" with George Best in 1974. I again like a fool went to work for him and then left shortly afterwards after another disagreement.

A nice guy called Tony Corless owned the restaurant at the side of the Rubens club, but he lost money too and quietly faded from the scene.

I used to go to the Top Ten Clubfrom 1963-4 and saw Jimmy Hendrix, The Nashville Teens, Ike and Tina Turner, amongst others, with Jimmy Saville and Dave Eager both DJing. Later on used to go to Mr Smith's with the polystyrene balls on the dance floor.

I am suprised Geno Washington was not mentioned as part of the Oasis scene, he was nearly always appearing there.

The site of the old Oasis Club and Rubens in Lloyd St was re-vamped in the early 90's and it no longer exists.

Slack Alice's was opened on the same site as the Jazz/Blues club The Cossack Club, owned by "Russian Dave" at the Deansgate end of Bootle St, further down from where the police station is and the building is still standing.

The Mogambo coffee bar on Princess St was the only place in town in 1965 where you could get a "cold" glass of coke and a slice of lemon. "Cool" man!

Bought many of my clothes from "Guys and Dolls" in Oldham St. including a pair of "spats" 1966. What! a twonk.

Bought demo records from Shudehill market and American imports from the "Spinning Disc". Hyme and Addisons in John Dalton St was the best place to buy "Cool" American Soul and blues stuff. Bought the last copy available in 1967 of Billy Stewarts "Summertime" on the Chess label (still got it). They had booths where you took your chosen record and each booth had a danzig record player to take and listen to your record in privacy, before you had to pay the 6/8d or 29/11d or 32/- for the album you wanted. I was earning less than £4 a week. So a lot of money for an album. Twisted Wheel and the Heaven and Hell club other places to remember also

Mike Barlow

In 1964 the Oasis was my favourite club and as a 16/17 year old excitement not experienced before, no doubt due to leaving school and chasing girls. The Rising Sun nearby was the pub of choice - no alchohol on sale in the club. People usually circulated in pairs round the club looking for action.

I remember queuing up Lloyd St and into Albert square waiting for the club to open. When my mate Barry bought an 18cwt van we would just drive up to the entrance, park the van, and try to boogie in, pretending to be in the band. Notable bands I saw included: Screaming Lord Sutch; Temptations; Desmond Decker plus lots of local bands - St Louis Union was amongst the best. Happy days. 

David Metcalfe

I saw the Ike and Tina Turner Revue Show I think it was called at the Oasis some time in 1967.

I was 16 and it was the best live soul thing I'd seen up til then, and after the show the Ikettes came out into the club to mix with the audience.

I nearly died when the middle IKETTE - the one who had a broken arm at the time, asked me to dance with her - I WAS IN HEAVEN.

I only found out a couple of years ago her name was Rose, when I saw and met PP Arnold at Cheltenham Town Hall and was recalling the night to her. GOLDEN YEARS!!

Martin Sievey (ex Golden Rules)

Myself and my mate Trev didn't frequent "The Wheel" too often as we were pop fans rather than r'n'b. The Oasis was our choice along with Amigos, The Amber Moon and The Hacienda and we saw some great acts there. Pete Maclain and the Dakotas (who later joined Billy J. Kramer) were the house band. Wayne Fontana and the Jets were also frequent visitors as were Herman's Hermits.I remember we had to queue when The Beatles were on but as we were with our "birds" that night we kept nipping into the Nags Head whilst the girls held our place.

Top overseas acts were The Crickets, Bruce (Hey Baby) Chanel and Delbert Mclinton. The great thing was, none of the girls in the audience used to scream so you could actually hear the artists perform. We usually used to finish the evening off at the late night Wimpey on Oxford Road but one night whilst roaming round the back streets we stumbled across the Cosy Cafe situated near the Oxford Print Works and what a den of iniquity that was.

The clientele was made up of a lot of dodgy characters including a good cross-section of transvestites and some customers used to walk in and go straight upstairs. Never did find out why. Anyway they served up a great door-step bacon butty and there were some great sides on the juke-box.If we had any funds left we would visit the Black Cat nightclub on Hanging Ditch. They also boasted a great juke-box and the occasional artist as well as having strippers. 

Tony Dixon

I can remember Phil Cooper (Phil Woodbine) because we were very good mates. Occassionally I helped him out when he went on holiday and did the record playing until I joined the Army in 1965.

Whilst home on leave from Germany Phil and I went on holiday to Torquay and I met my future wife.

I can recall "Harry the bottle"behind the counter of the coffee bar. Tony Stuart was the main man in those days. I can still picture the two stages,the ladies "handbag" store/cloakroom.Great days and fantastic people.

John Halford

The person behind the bar - Harry the bottle - was me!

Harry Proctor - 9/5/09

I well remember the Oasis club. In particular, Tom Jones who had just released " It's not unusual". He came on stage in jeans and a pink shirt. Very smooth in those days. Also the Walker Brothers who had to change their shirts after about one minute as their shirts had been torn off by the audience.

Very, very exciting days for a 16 year old!

David Haig

The Oasis was definitely the best club in Manchester for excitement, atmosphere and quality of local groups as well as all the big names of the day. I was a member and was there frequently from 1965 to approx 1968. The only nights I didn't go were when the Beat League, me being the drummer, were playing at whatever venue.

Had many wonderful times there. I can still remember the excitement of queing up down Lloyd street and the anticipation of another great time when reaching the steps leading down to the basement and in the club.

Remember the first time I saw and heard the Richard Kent Style. This was sometime in early 1965. I was in the back bar and heard a mindblowing sound, led by a brass section, coming from the main stage. Walked through to listen to this terrific sound.

Looked at the stage and was stopped in my tracks. Couldn't believe what I saw. I was gob smacked to see Harvey Starr on trumpet.

Reason for the reaction was that I went to school with Harvey from 1960 to 1965 and had no idea he was in a group. Spoke to him next day at school and he had no idea I was in a group either.

In my opinion they were one of the best groups I heard at the time.

Harvey, if you ever read this page, have a look at the info page on the Beat League and see if you remember me, Dave Anderton the drummer.

We went to Salford Technical High school from 1960 to 1965. The old school was at the top of Frederick Road and Broad Street junction. We then moved to a newly built shool during our last year. This was next to Salford Grammar School near Irlam-o'-the Heights on Dronsfield Road. The school is now known as Pendleton College.

Dave Anderton

I absolutely have great memories of the Oasis Club. The first group I saw there were the Rolling Stones in August 1963 for 6 shillings. The atmosphere was always friendly and you felt part of the club with your membership cards and Beat Scenes. Of course there was no alcohol and no trouble. We were all so interested in listening to the music and dancing. 

Joan Smith - 30/10/09

My strongest memory of the Oasis (though it doesn't seem to appear on the gig lists) was the Graham Bond Organisation, with Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker. It must have been 1965/66. We were queuing on the steps to go in and Graham was struggling downstairs with his Hammond organ. He said to me: 'I wish I'd taken up the mouth organ!' - he was astounding, playing organ and alto-sax at the same time. I got all the band's autographs afterwards in a school exercise book!

Fred Pipes - 11/11/09

I went to the Oasis 1963-65 but the list is too long of the groups. I saw the Rolling Stones (1964), Ivy League, Big Three (from Liverpool), the Chants (from Liverpool, Wayne Fontana, The Undertakers, Mersey Beats,etc.(I missed the Beatles)

Great times! Only alcohol at the Nags Head or Rising Sun.

People today are amazed at the number of clubs and other venues in Manchester at that time as well as events at the Apollo, Odeon and even the Free Trade Hall. 

Colin Foster - 7/2/10

So many fantastic memories of the Oasis Club. First time I went there was December 1965 and I remember walking in to see Fontella Bass on stage singing Rescue Me.

I saw so many top acts, Ike & Tina Turner, Little Stevie Wonder (I remember his roadmanager pulling him through the club by the arm), The Who (I got to keep one of Keith Moons drumsticks), Them (Van Morrison tried to chat me up but I didn't want to know cos I thought he looked a bit scruffy!!).

We used to get there really early and queue up outside so we could get our "seat on the edge of the stage" (and also see the "mods" driving into Lloyd Street on their scooters).

A few of us used to get up on stage and dance with some of the acts like the Drifters, Isley Brothers, Temptations. I remember Phil Woodbine (the DJ), Tony Stuart and his daughter Carol.

I worked in the cloakroom a few times for them when they were short staffed. Everyone had a brilliant time, no trouble, just all out to enjoy ourselves dancing to top groups... and all for 2/6d!!

The local groups were amazing - the Stylos, the Measles and The Richard Kent Style. I used to go and hide in the ladies when Frankensteins Monsters were on as they used to run into the audience and carry girls onto the stage to "the coffin". Those were the days !

Carol (was Downs) - 18/2/10

I used to go to the Oasis every Saturday and sometimes Monday, from 1963 - 1969.

I remember buying a record of the Measles so we could get in the flollowing Monday.

Used to love The Stylos - had a bit of a thing for one of them Roy I think he was called. Liked the Factotums, and yes I saw the British Birds and it was Ronnie Wood.

One of the best I saw there were the Moody Blues with Denny Lane - fab.

Used to go to the Manor Lounge in Stockport as well - ah, those were the days !!

Judith Sandiford - 3/3/10

I never went there much to my dismay, I was about 16 so it was sort of out of bounds, too young to go wandering about Manchester even then, the Merseysound was in full swing but by the time we found out anything about all these beat clubs it was around mid 64' so we missed The Beatles at the Oasis club an all that...ahh. I know a guy who saw them on there but he said they were hopeless I used to say "No way The Beatles are good" But what he was refering to was that their amps kept failing.

I never believed him about this "Nah you never saw The Beatles"(he always was a bit of a romancer) but I have seen reference to their amps episode I understand John Lennon kept sticking silver paper in as a replacement fuse,and kept blowing them!

So that little story is true then...sorry Dave Holden, anyway you were a Cliff fan ...nowt wrong wi' Cliff but.... The Beatles I love 'em.

Anon - 20/3/10

From the Manchester Evening News:

  • The Playboys, The Wheels, Frankenstein - 3 September 1966
  • Lee Dorsey and The Wheels - 16 October 1966
  • The Coasters - 12 November 1966. This was with the Motivation I believe but not 100 per cent sure. That band featured Martin Barre pre-Jethro Tull
  • The Move - 26 March 1967 
Nick Warburton - 26/6/10

Does anyone remember ABC AT LARGE filming at the Oasis in 1963? Desmond Wilcox interviewed me! Also I was asked to join the Hollies at the club on the night they formed. Dave Ballinger

Still have my Oasis membership card from 1962!

Saw The Beatles there when their record 'Love Me Do' had just entered the charts. The place was packed and I was at the back. Didn't realise at the time what the future held for them, so sadly don't really remember much about them. At the time they were just another Liverpool group.

Remember also seeing 'The Hollies' there but it was a bizarre experience as I'm sure I recollect them coming out on stage dressed like The Flintstones. I suspect they were perhaps not performing under The Hollies name at that time.

Saw many others including B. Bumble & The Stingers who had just charted with 'Nut Rocker'. All I remember are them wearing brightly coloured jackets and that the pianist was very fat! 

Brian Hunt

I saw (Little) Stevie Wonder at the Oasis - not sure of the date but I can remember three things aboiut it. First the queses were immense - all the way up the street and nearly into Albert Square. Second that the place was steaming - fantastic music, Stevie playing drums as well as singing and playing the harmonica. Thirdly, I can't forget the way he was handled by his management - dragged onto and off that little stage at the Oasis. You had to feel for the guy - all that talent and pushed about so badly.

Also recall seeing the Birds (British mod band) in January of 1966. I think Ronnie Wood was in the band at that time but Im not sure.

Did anyone else see either of these gigs ? 

Gary Heywood-Everett

I also remember seeing Little Stevie Wonder at the Oasis. Over the years various people have told me I must have been dreaming it. It was true though as Gary has previously mentioned.

Yes, the place was bouncing that night. I was knocked out of the way by one of his minders who were just barging through the crowds pushing Stevie to the stage.

He went on stage and gave a performance I have never forgotten in 45 years. Yes, he did go on drums as well during one number.Hard to believe a world superstar played the Oasis. Tony Stuart, the owner, booked major stars of the time didn't he?

Glad somebody else remembers that night and that it wasn't a "figment of my imagination".

Dave Anderton

Did Stevie Wonder play the Oasis? He did - and we were booked to be on with him. Half way through the gig he managed to bust two of our drummers drum skins. He was not a happy bunny. He still has the very same Ludwig drum kit - he could now sell it as played on by the man himself .

Pete Quinn, The Bridgebeats - 12/2/09

Loved the Oasis. Guess I saw most of the groups mentioned here but don't remember many as I went for the girls. Queued up for forever outside. Was there for the Walker Bros.

I worked at Top of The Pops in Dickenson Road at the time so not that impressed with the groups. Anybody remember the Measles? Saw Ike and Tina Turner. Remember the sweat dripping off the ceiling and the lights that gave me pearly white teeth. The dingy coffee bar. If we didn't pull, which was usual, we ended up at the Wimpy bar in Picaddilly.

Jim - 4/3/09

I remember being totally knocked-out when Sugar Pie DeSanto sang soulful dress. I still sing it now, only to myself though as my wife would think I'd gone strange. Last I heard she was still performing 45 years on.

Paul R. - 4/5/09

18 years of age with a love of music and girls, and needing extra cash to indulge my pleasure. Solution, get a job in one of Manchester's most popular coffee bar/ clubs with live music on tap 4 nights per week.

I was one lucky boy who was employed in the cloakroom at the Oasis on LLoyd Street, where everything of interest to me was there on tap to fulfil my desires, at a great time to be a teenager. Added bonus was that I worked with my friends Ken Howarth, Tony Connor and later Mike Cooper, on different nights, working part time and being paid for the pleasure - how great was that?

Apart from the obvious attraction of getting to meet loads of single and very trendy and single girls, I had the opportunity to see some of the best live acts and performers of the era, including the Beatles, Stones, Hollies, Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders, Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers, Animals, Dave Berry and the Cruisers, Hermans Hermits, the list is endless, and of course the freaky Frankenstein and his Monsters. The Who later performed one of the loudest and most exciting shows I have ever witnessed. All absolutely great experiences, so it could hardly be considered to be work!

Short of sufficient musical talent to actually be in one of the acts, this job offered me the chance to get close up to some fantastic musicians who went on to become world famous.

I will always be indebted to Tony Stuart and his daughter Carol, for giving me the chance of approximately 3 years of total pleasure before ... well that's another story, but I'm at least still here to tell the story.

Colin Barton - 14/8/09

I was a regular at the Oasis in 1964 and 1965 when I was 16 or 17. I too remember Little Stevie Wonder, Dave Berry, Goldie and the Gingerbreads and one group I haven't seen mentioned here, Them, with Van Morrison. As others have said it was always packed and a happy friendly place. I seem to recall that Dave Lee Travis was the DJ in those days.For some reason the Beatle's Norwegian Wood is the one record I associate with the club.

John Coller - 6/11/09

I loved the Oasis too..saw so many bands there..but does anyone remember if Dave Lee Travis was DJ there..? or was it my imagination..?

I remember him having a yellow Willys Jeep...

Derek Alltree - 6/1/10

I used to go regularly around 66/68. Wonderful memories of Junior Walker, Geno Washington, Steam Packet etc. So much brilliant music and such a wonderful experience for a 14 year old! 

We used to tell our parents we were staying at each others houses and sometimes got found out. We sometimes used to start the evening across at Piccadilly Station, watching the much older boys (all of 17/18!) arriving via train, looking so cool in overcoats! I wouldn't have missed it for the world!

Sally Coombes - 11/2/10

I used to go to the Oasis in the early 60’s and played there once or twice, with my band the Jaguars from Bury. I would like to contact Pauline Clegg with a little anecdote which she might like to add to her history of the club.

The Jaguars’ drummer was Ian Wallace – who was also the lead singer. We played our first gig at the Oasis on a Wednesday night, with Shadows-style instrumentals and vocal covers of Mersey and Manchester bands. Afterwards Pauline came up to us and said “Your sound is great – but your vocals are diabolical.” She suggested Ian stick to drumming.

Ian went on to join the Accrington band The Warriors – where he met Jon Anderson in his pre-Yes days.

Ian later played with King Crimson and then moved to the States, where he worked with Bob Dylan, Ry Cooder, Don Henley, Roy Orbison and became a leading session drummer, working with a whole Who’s Who of top musicians.

Good advice from Pauline!!

Sadly Ian died a couple of years ago and his tribute web site attracted accolades from the rock aristocracy worldwide.

Fascinated to see Pete Mclaine is still performing and very saddened to hear of the death of Pete Bocking – a very fine guitarist who made a big impression when I saw him play with Pete back in 1960-something.

John Hemmingway - 26/2/10

Unfortunately I was too young to nightclub at the Oasis , but my father Wilfrid Adamson, a songwriter was inspired to write a song about the Oasis Club which was recorded as a demo by Decca recording group The Flintlocks who had previously released a Beatles cover 'What Goes On'.

I have recently dug up the demo and have sent it on to Sounds of the Sixties so hopefully it will get an airing on Radio Two and give a bit of publicity to the Manchester Beat Scene.

Ironically I don't think he ever went clubbing but it must have been the best of it's day to inspire him to write about it.

Peter Adamson - 23/4/10

I went to Oasis club 66/67. Remember Frankenstien frightening me to death. Brilliant days - pure fun.

Tina Hutton (nee Noone) - 18/8/10

Lots of happy memories, fun times. Queued for hours in the rain. Crammed in the Oasis. You got a stamp if you went out.

The Animals usually played on the side stage, Little Stevie Wonder, just a teenager, Frankenstein and the Monsters, the Small Faces, how about Them, with the endless GLORIA, Long John Baldry. Was Sandie Shaw ever there? The 60's girls were just knockout.

Just caught the last bus it seemed or faced that two mile walk home. Long collars and tab shirts. Later we migrated to the CIS with it's sprung floor and the advent of motown. 

Tony Rose - 30/12/10

It was interesting looking back at some of the older post recollections about this club, I noticed that there were two which mentioned that film units once came to do a bit of filming etc; One for the USA.

It would be interesting to know if this film still exists, and the other one for ABC AT LARGE Desmond Wilcox from 1963 !

There is a video/DVD (ONE DAY IN THE 60s ) which contains interviews with, I think it was the manager of MR SMITHS, this film includes a brief shot of THE WHO performing HEATWAVE can anyone tell me which club was this in, was it a Manchester one or not ? I think this footage is from 1966 ?

Other footage which I have come across over the years is THE KINKS performing LONG TALL SALLY live at The CAVERN in Dec 63'.There is the most famous footage of THE BEATLES performing SOME OTHER GUY there and the silent footage is of them performing KANSAS CITY, but there is a better sound quality of them performing these 2 songs,appa

rently this is a different recording than the Granada footage.These recordings are from Sept 1962, the Granada footage is from Wed 22/8/1962, THE BEATLES made their final CAVERN appeaarance on 3/8/1963. Some years aqo I spoke to a German guy who said there is silent footage of THE BEATLES at THE STAR- CLUB, Germany ,lasting about 12 minutes long, he said he had seen it but it is locked away in a vault.

There is b/w footage of THE SEARCHERS performing HULLY GULLY at the STAR -CLUB, HAMBURG, GERMANY from around 1963, it looks like one of those newsreel type things everybody used to do, its all there and it lasts about 40 seconds complete with sound, they are about to launch into another song when it cuts !

There must be plenty of footage of groups performing in clubs from the 60s ?

Philip Hindley - 7/2/11

Used to go to most of the clubs in Manchester. Remember seeing the Nashville Teens at the Oasis- still like their hit record Tobacco Road when its sometimes played on 1152.

Chad - 11/2/11

Thanks to those fans who have mentioned seeing the Beatles at The Oasis, especially Luise Murray who has even put the date! 

I was road manager for The Wailers and spent many, many evenings in the club, mainly 'cos I got in free!

I've told people over the years that the Beatles played there one night, but I was in the coffe bar with Linda Stevenson (she was the fan club secretary for Richard Harding, Malcolm Clarke and the Cresters) Dave Lee Travis came in saying what a great group was on, but as the place was so busy, Linda and I didn't bother going to see 'em !! I've often checked Beatle records and could never confirm that they did play the Oasis and that maybe I'd been dreaming !

Thanks to Louise I now know that I wasn't !! Does anyone know what happened to Linda ?

Dave Chalmers - 7/2/11

If my memory serves me right the Beatles played the Oasis twice. Once before the release of the fist single, lots of room you could sit at a table and watch them. Then as others mention just after the release of there first single, queues up to Albert sq. and rain.

Another great band to appear there The Big Three, better than the Beatles ?

Louis did you go to Gregs ?

Pete Carroll - 11/5/11

I graduated to the Oasis from the Plaza and the Jungfrau, etc. mainly because I found out a girl I new slightly from ICI went there. The first time I went was in 1964,The Merseybeats were the headlining act. I wasn't disappointed; she was there.

We used to meet there 2-3 times a week. Tuesday's were a "quieter", if I remember correctly. You used to get a free ticket if you'd been at the weekend.

We continued to go throught 1965 and into 1966, seeing many of the top artists of the day, both British and American. I can still remember queing up Lloyd St. and into Albert Square. They were the best days ever!

And the girl? We've been married now for 41 years. Thanks Oasis. Gone but not forgotten. How about a blue plaque on the site.

Jim Chadwick - 7/6/11

I used to win most of the dance competitions there. I remember the platters judged one dance competition I won and got a kiss of the female Platter. lol.

Paul Hanna - 5/8/11

I remember a girl call Linda Porter who helped out on the coat rooms we would enter the Sandy Shaw mime comps. Linda was very good and she was a regular winner. The Measles were fantastic - Barbara from cheadle health married Dave on bass,and there was lovely Fred R obertshaw roadie for the group who was from Langley. Middleton.

Carol Stewart drove Linda and myself to Liverpool one night for a allnight ferryboat with live groups. It was fantastic, we had great times with nice people I am never going to forget.

Maureen Devereux (nee Rooney) - 26/9/11

Me and my friend used to go twice a week for over three years to the Oasis club. 

When I look back these were fantastic times for me and my friend (who were both car mechanics working in a back street garage in Moston.

The only two nights we couldn't get in was when this new group was appearing, they were called the Beatles! The queues were right up the steet along Albert Square and down the next street.

Little did I know that even though I couldn't get near the Beatles, 46 years later my interest in the Beatles was noticed when I was spotted walking around and visiting Beatle sights in Liverpool that I was asked would I like the job of living in John Lennon's aunt Mimis house, and Paul McCartneys old house and take the lob up as the custodian.

It was the National trust who spotted my interest in the Beatles ... www beatlemaniac.co.uk

Ggetting back to the Oasis club one summer's night we were waiting for the club to open (it was when Hermans Hermits were appearing) and we turned our heads to see this van driving down the street. It pulled up outside the club - Peter Noone jumped out, followed by the band members.

They got their equipment out, set it up in the street behind the back of their van and ran a lead down the stairs in the club. They plugged it in and switched on - they sang to the waiting crowed outside!

This indeed was the sixties summertime feeling ... rock on!

Colin Unwin - 2/10/11

After watching Ready Steady Go on the box I couldn't wait to get down into town to the Oasis Club.

The wait to get in was always worth it as sometimes the queue stretched into Albert Square. I remember the great atmosphere of the the Club, packed in like sardines and especially the closeness of the stage. Soft drinks only,and the stamping of the hand to cross over to the Rising Sun and Nags Head.

I remember that no matter who the groups or personalities it seemed that everyone was on a great journey together with the explosion of the '60s music scene.

Legging it back to Stephenson Square to catch the last bus home (which I regularly missed) was all part of the fantastic enjoyment of those days.

Clive Ballantyne - 11/11/11

I was a regular at the oasis with my mates Barry Tasker and Patrick Soye - we were all skinhead mods! I saw Walker Brothers, the Who, Wayne Fontana, Dave Berry - the crying game to name a few. The years 1966 - 67/68. 

Great memories. Cheers on the site. 

Lorraine Cohen (nee Graham) - 28/1/12

I worked at the Oasis along with my mates Dave Prest and Keith Brock - both of whom I have lost touch.

We worked mainly in the cloakroom which was to the right of the main stage and was a long narrow room with coat rails both sides and just enough room to squeeze through between the coats when it was full. I used to go on my Lambretta and several times I came out to find it had gone !!! Several days later and it would turn up undamaged ... someone having 'borrowed' it to get home!!

One night when Tom Jones was on, there was a queue almost round Albert Square and as I was parking my scooter up, I noticed all the girls looking in my direction and pointing and giggling. I thought " you must be looking super cool tonight Ken" when I turned round and noticed Tom Jones getting out of a taxi behind me!!

We stood on the tables and chairs to see the Beatles - occassionally sneaked out to the Rising Sun for a pint and often ended up our Saturday nights at the Twisted Wheel watching the blues bands.

So many happy memories of those years and to jog anyones memory, I wore ( and still do ) a supporting caliper on my leg as a result of polio as a child. Anyone remember me ??? Please let me know.

Ken Wright - 9/4/12

You know, the more you think about something from the past, the more the momories flood in. I remember the wall on the riight had a small wall in front of it and behind this wall was some sand and either pictures of palm trees or replicas. I know the girls used to put their handbags there and ( unfortunately ) the cats used to 'toilet' there as well. The sort of tunnel on the right whiich led to the Coffee Bar - Cona Coffee and Coke.

There was a rear Fire exit off Brazenose Street accessed, from inside the club via the Ladies Toilets ( I think ) and on a couple of occassions when the 'Lammy' wouldn't start, I was allowed to push it there until I could arrange to get it sorted.

Denim Shirts with white starched collars with a pin through matched with a knitted tie with a knot not much bigger than a pea were the order of the day for us and when I bought a collarless velvet jacket I had to hide it away so my Dad wouldn't find it - he'd have gone ape - like he did when I had my hair cut - Beatle style.

We started going at lunchtimes when we were at Stretford 'Tech and I remember watching Gerry and the Pacemakers, The Swinging Blue Jeans, The Merseybeats, The Big Three etc.,

At night when we were working in the Cloakroom , and once everyone was in - we had plenty of time on our hands to chat up the girls, and watch the bands so long as we were close at hand in case anyone wanted to leave early (a rarity) and of course we had to be there when everyone was going at the end of the niight.

I remember HATING Peter Noone - I thought he was arrogance personified. They ( Hermans Hermits ) played the second stage regularly for months and then one night - before we were open - we saw them all in the Coffee Bar in deep discussion with some well suited and booted businessmen from London and the next thing you knew - 'I'm into something good' came out and the rest - as they say - is history
God - how I wish I had the foresight to photograph these events and collect autographs of all the bands we saw - I'd probably be a trillionair !!

I'm 66 now (just) fat, bald and Arthritic but a big part of me still feels young - I still love music and regulalry buy stuff by modern artistes - but in my 'den' ( my garage ) I have a Juke Box full of the oldies and when I'm in there and the mood takes me......I could just as well be back in the Oasis.

Sad or what ???!!!!

Ken Wright - 16/4/12 

Drummer with the Cymerons and Manchester Federals, Saturday afternoon for me was Barretts and Mamelocks Oxford St, played at the Oasis many times probably 16 or 17 years old at the time. Still playing today but gone electronic these days, living in Dubai for the last 6 years coming home soon to join up with Mike Lynch and the boys see if we can knock out a bit of Blues, great memories from the sixties wish it was still here. 

Brian Cusick - 10/7/12

My friend Gillian and I went to see the Walker Brothers at the Oasis. We queued for a couple of hours, but when we did get in there were too many people allowed in and we asked for a refund - went to Seen on Oxford Street and somebody stole Gillians beatiful leather coat from the cloakroom.

Think we should have stayed and suffered the crush at Oasis. Never did get to see the Walker Brothers!

Margaret Lee - 20/7/12

Long John Baldry was on stage one night.I remember him introducing Reg.Dwight, better known as Elton John today. I'm sure he had Milky Bar kids glasses on. Also Rod Stewart in an outlandish assortment of coloured clobber. He wasn't famous then - I believe it was his first public appearance as I read it many years later in a Sunday paper.

Frankenstein (of the Monsters) when he came off stage used to chase the girls into the toilet and used to get threatened with stiletto heels by hysterical females.

The Measles were supposed to be Manchester's answer to the Beatles.
When we went for a drink in the Nags Head & Rising Sun for a charge up,we were given a stamp on the back of our hands so we could get back in.

Great days - long live the memories.

Philip Whitney - 12/10/12

I remember Tina Turner at the Oasis, the best part was her long legs because not being very tall thats all I could see at the time. Also remember a group the Rocking Vickers who use to have a cofin on stage and tall black hats.

The Richard Kent Style allways seem to be on.

John Holmes - 2/2/13

LOVED the Oasis About 63 through 68-ish. Tuesdays were cheap or (free?)nights, didn't they give out tickets at the weekend to get people in?

I have a confession, still being at school, we did lino-cuts in art class, and the Oasis PassOuts were a series of letters or numbers (and sometimes quite tricky fractions even), but we mastered them. Wait for the first set of birds to come out on a busy weekend night and find out what they'd chosen for that night's passout, and out came our little tin with the 'goods' inside and a fountain pen to provide the ink. Not every time but well worth the times we did it.

Tony Stewart the owner was nearly always there, and his daughter, who would now be early 60-ish was always in the club too.

Remember the Measles, Stylos, Stevie Wonder, Lord Sutch, and wondrful Xmas nights and New Year, great place for meeting ladies!!! Great memories, nipping out to the Rising Sun! Thank you for this wonderful site.

Ron Choularton - 21/2/13

I remember the oasis having a talent show where anyone who resembled a pop star would mime to the pop stars record. A girl who looked like sandie shaw mimed with no shoes on. She won the contest that night.

Those where tha days. I also remember waiting to go in and the Rolling Stones arrived and remember thinking how scruffy they were.

Beryl Clayton - 5/3/13

I remember queueing for ages to see Moody Blues (at the time of Go Now so VERY big). When we got to the door there was a blackboard (chalkboard!!!!) with a message Moody Blues not appearing because they didn't like the piano.

A crowd of us used to go.... twins Ian and ? from Wiltshire, Ivan Bolton from Withington, Tina Gilligan from Levenshulme and Brian Fisher from Longsight. We used to always stand just at the side of the handbag depository - three reasons - 1. The girls were bound to pass there; 2. It was next to the stage: 3. There were stools against the wall which we "bagsed" to stand on when show was on.

Brian entered the Mick Jagger mime competition and won EVERY week as long as "Satisfaction" was in the charts. He was incredibly good at that. I tried Jonathan King "Everyone's gone to the Moon" because I wore glasses. Learnt all the words but they never had a comp for that song!!!

Met Isabel one night and Ula another night from the Moss but as went to boys grammar school didnt' even know how to kiss - sad ain't it!

I think it cosr 2/6d (12.5p) to get in on Tuesday to see major star, sometimes two support groups (some who beacem stars) AND get a free ticket for the next Tuesday. All supported only by the sale of coffee - amazing value.

At some point we would leave, walk straight into the Rising Sun next door and out of the other entrance on Brazenose St into the Wheel.

Oasis - Walker Brothers; Brian Auger; Rocking Vicars:

Twisted Wheel - Zoot Money; Alexis Korner.

THEN we would go to the all night session at Heaven and Hell club. Why on earth we would want to lie on a sleeping bag till 6 in the morning with music thumping out God only knows!

Stuart Brown aka Wilson - 24/6/13

I played at the Oasis in 1966, the first gig was on the small stage when I was with Lee Wade and the Wild Ones, the second was on the large stage with The Rockin Vicars. It was a great place!

Phil Coggan - 11/9/13

Used to go to the Oasis Club during 1965-1968. Remember queing with the crowd on Lloyd Street - sometimes it stretched up to Albert Square. Went Saturdays Sundays and Tuesday night (with the free ticket given if one went at weekend). 

Remember Tony Stuart the owner - a nice fellah. Passouts were a stamp on the back on your hand - to go ito the Rising Sun pub.

Remember seeing Dave Berry, The Move, Ike & Tina Turner, Lee Dorsey, Paul & Barry Ryan (who wouldnt go on with their act until a girl that was sat on the stage returned one of their name bracelets), The Merseybeats - we travelled back to Warrington in same carriage on Liverpool train as them. They gave us their autographs on beer mats.

Saw local bands such as Measles, Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Titch (they seemed to be on every week). Girls used to rip their shirts off! Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders, the Hollies, Rockin Vicars, Frankensteins Monsters- they used to jump off stage and chase all girls into ladies loo - we all used to hide about 10 to a toilet. Sometimes we would run up the stairs to hide on Albert Square.

Was in the coffee shop watching TV the night that England won the World Cup in 196 6- people were dancing on the tables - was a great atmosphere.

Many more bands cannot remember them all. Friends that I went to Oasis with were Joyce Murray, Lynn Tarry Sue Cockcroft and my bestest friend of now 45yrs Jenny Barnes. Many more that I met at the Oasis John Connor, Alan Harrison some by first names only-think they were the best days of my life - best Music ever-best memories ever.

Thank you for the friends I had then that made these times so great - never forget them.

Christine Bate (was then Whitfield) - 22/8/11

What memories!!

The kids now think they have it all sown up and we know nothing, oh dear how wrong. I feel sorry for them in a way because they will never experience what we did in those amazing day's of the early '60s.

Me and my friend (Doreen Turner as was then ) went to the Oasis every Sunday and Tuesday, and the artistes we saw, which would now cost a fortune to see.

My fav stories from then are, when Tom Jones appeared Its not unusual was top and my mum thought he was gorgeous, so I told her I would try to get his autograph.

He came off the stage and walked right past us, so I asked him, and he just pushed me to one side!! I was gutted but I didn't want to disappoint my mum, so I wrote it myself.

She was happy but I never felt the same towards him from that day to this.

When the "Who" performed with the amazing Keith Moon, and to see artistes who are now mega stars being payed in the street while we were waiting to go in.

I remember Phil Woodbine, tall, lanky man, or so he seemed to me, jet black hair all slicked back. we thought he was gorgeous, you know what your like at 15, 16. Lots and lots of happy amazing memories, I'm sure my kids don't believe me when I tell them the people I saw, too numerous to mention but I'm going to tell them to come on this site and they can read it for themselves.

I have the book of the Manchester scene then, I think its called "It started here" ?, I've thoroughly enjoyed reading these memories, took me back to the best time, more please.

Lynn Cullinan Griffiths - 28/10/11

What a fantastic club...My mate and me went there for 3 years , twice a week. And I remember we went at the same time when the beatles appeared and couldn't get in ... and blow me the second time we went to see The Beatles there we couldn't get in again. We should have learnt from the first time.

And strangely enough 43 years later I was asked if I would stand in to be the custodian at John Lennon's Aunt Mimis house in Liverpool and also at 20 Forthlin Rd, Paul McCartney's house in Liverpool. Wasn't I the lucky one.

Colin Unwin - www.beatlemaniac.co.uk - 15/3/12 

In the early 60's I used to work at an accountants called Poppleton & Appleby at No. 31 Lloyd Street so us office girls used to go to dance at the Oasis in our lunch-break....top DJ's (then now now!!!!) DLT and JS. (The Twisted Wheel was an after work place for us.) I'm now a grandma living in MK but can still strut my stuff around the living room with my 4 year old grand-daughter!!

Sandra Jackson - 28/7/13

The Oasis Club was at 45-47 Lloyd Street off Albert Square, Manchester 2 and opened on Saturday, November 4, 1961 with Dick Charlesworth and his City Gents with Jackie Lynn.

The club was founded by businessmen Hugh Goodwin, John Orr and Rick Dixon (b. Richard Dixon) and the resident D.J.'s were 'Mac' Magonegall Lacey (b. Graham  Magonegall Lacey d. ) and Dave Lee Travis (b. David Patrick Griffin, Friday, May 25, 1945, Buxton, Derbyshire, England).

The Oasis was a popular coffee house/dance club.


The club grew out of The 2J's Jazz Club that had opened on Friday, July 15, 1960 with Jazz drummer Ray Ellington (1916 - 1985) supported by Dave Wilson and his Dixieland Band.  

The owners were Jack Johnson, the owner of The Mogambo Coffee Bar, 73 Moseley Street, Manchester 2 and John Collier, a local builder who opened The Two J's. The clubs name came from Jack Johnson and John Collier (The Two J's).

The club only lasted a year till 1961 when Johnson and Collier sold it to Orr, Dixon and Goodwin and The Oasis Club was born and was opened on Saturday, November 4, 1961 with Tony Stuart Dick Charlesworth and his City Gents by the three guys Orr, Dixon and Goodwin along with Jackie Lynn.

So this was how The Oasis, 'Manchester's Most Fab Club For Young People,' opened for business. Just three months later The Beatles played this famous club for the first time, making their début here on Friday, February 2, 1962 and about 300 people came to see them. It was also their first professionally organised gig outside of Liverpool. It was arranged by one of the clubs founders Tony Stuart.

The club was run by Graham Clegg (b. d. ) and his wife Pauline Clegg (b. Thursday, October 26, 1939). She would later go on to manage Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders.

The club's first all-nighter was on Friday, October 9, 1964 with Manfred Mann and Bill Haley and the Comets.

In October 1967 The Oasis Club became Sloopys.

John Warburg
13 April 2020
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