Rowntrees Seen/Takis (Oxford St)

I have just read Paul Swarbrick's account of when he was working on Whitworth St in Manchester and how he used to go to Takis at lunchtime and enjoy the music. I was really pleased to read that as I was the DJ during those lunchtime sessions.

My DJ name was Pete Roscoe and as well as the lunchtime sessions I also did Top of the Town,and Rowntrees in the evenings. Does anyone recall the Miss Supertakis beauty contest that we had, I arranged that together with Mr Paul Partakis who was the Manager and part of the family that owned the group of clubs 


I spent every Friday and Saturday night dancing to Tamala Mowtown at Takis.

As you walked down the stairs to enter the club There was a minor bird in a cage on the wall. It would whistle at the girls coming down the steps in the dark. I remember being there the night Otis Reding died and the DJ Paul Pender anounced it. Everyone was so shocked. I remember the dinnertime sesions. As I worked on Lever street i would nip in for the lunch break.

Takis and Tamala Mowtown were the best times of my life.

Anne Bostock - 11/4/09
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